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ISO/Wanted Texas

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I am looking for good high quality HEALTHY pure bred where applivable breeding stock to get started with a few breeds... please PM or email if you have info or eggs/birds i can buy off you.

I am located in TEXAS - San Antonio area

If your close i can try to meet you for purchase!

Looking for:

Leghorns, good dark laying copper marans, columbian wyandottes, Red and Blue Silkies, rhode island red rooster, delewares, maybe even some good neat looking polish, good olive eggers... possibly some others...
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I am in Texas also and I read yours and I see that we both are in the market looking for the same breeds to. I no someone that has hertage rodeiland reds ( rir) go to the threed and look under cmom
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Thank you. Ive found some stuff already... still after others..
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