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Mareks disease?

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I just bought 20 chicks from McMurray hatchery and they are now 2 weeks old. There are several breeds. I have 2 Cornish x and one has always been smaller but I thighs little of it until today I found the smaller one stuck inside the feeder and unable to get out. I pulled her out and that's when I noticed she couldn't move. She just flops when I put her down and can't control her legs, wings, or head. Is this mareks and if so what do I do? I have older hens that were vaccinated but these baby's were not. I didn't get the vaccinated because they are for my mom and she wants to raise them organic and I didn't know if the vaccine was ok for organic or not
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I would say that's probably a bit young for Marek's.. It's more likely to be mechanical damage perhaps to it's neck as a result of being stuck in the feeder. I would isolate it and keep it warm, but if it doesn't improve in 12 hours or so, you are probably best to euthenase.  Even if it is Marek's, there's not a lot you can do except be extra careful about bio security between these chicks and your own flock. The fact that they have been vaccinated does not guarantee that they won't get it but makes it less likely to be fatal if they are unfortunate enough to contract it.


Hopefully it's just a temporary paralysis from being trapped in an awkward position.

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Thank you for responding so quickly. I've only had chickens since March so I'm still learning. I've been watching the chick and she seems shaky and her cheep sounds really weird like she's lost her voice. If moved she will pull her legs under her and tuck her wings up but she's quite weak and keeps her eyes closed
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Update on the chick: i have her in a basket with a heater but her skin feels cold to the touch and she doesn't seem to be warming up. Her skin, legs and comb seem to be turning blue though her breathing seems fine.
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Sorry to hear that. It doesn't sound good.

I'm just reading your updates now (it's morning here) but conscious that some time has passed since then. I'm guessing things have not gone well in the last 12 hrs but just wanted you to know that I'm thinking of you. :hugs

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Thank you. I ended up euthanizing her because she could hardly breathe. It looked like she injured her neck maybe. I'm not sure. She wasn't acting sick, but she was turning blue from not being able to breathe properly. I just couldn't watch her suffer when I knew there was nothing to help her. It was clear that she was miserable.
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The good news is the rest of the chicks look great. No signs of anything wrong with them. They are happy and healthy
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Sorry to hear you had to end the chicks suffering. That's never easy but the right thing to do by the sound of it. .Hopefully it was just an injury due to a freak accident. Great news that the other chicks are all doing so well though.....long may that continue.


Best wishes



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Thank you. I'm sure it was just an accident because of the bruising on her poor little neck. I will keep a close eye on everyone else though
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