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Read a cool story about chicken living in the wild. We not raise my chickens that way?
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Todays chickens are not "natural", i.e. humans have bred chickens for specific purposes and their ability to live "in the wild" is certainly not one of them. I live in Africa, and the most common method of keeping chickens is to give them some maize morning and evening and leave them to their own devices for the rest of the day - free ranging wherever they wish. Chickens raised in this fashion do not have a high egg production rate - largely due to diet and predator loss is very high. 


I'm not sure of the relative merits of wanting to keep chickens and then not ensuring that they are safe, well fed and healthy. 



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Thanks, but if i could erect an over head net to eliminate flying predictors and an electric fence to stop other types of predictors what else would they need to trive?
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In the wild is more the aim than the actual reality. Could we maybe create a preditor free (fenced) slice of forest heaven and then see to their needs as we go??
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