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Time to kill her?

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I have a Nera hen, Lady Marmalade, about 8 months old.  Last Monday I took her to the vet because she was just standing about listlessly, not scratching or doing the usual chickeny things, and when I picked her up I realised she had lost a lot of weight - now only 1.5kg (3lb 5oz). The vet thought it was probably egg peritonitis and gave us antibiotics and some anti-inflammatory medication. She also said that if this doesn’t work, probably the kindest thing is to cull her (unless I want to spend a fortune on hormone treatments to stop her laying, which I’m afraid isn’t going to happen).

Lady M has now had 5 days of medication and doesn’t seem to have changed much - she’s still just standing around. She is eating very little, although she can be induced to eat treats in small quantities. I weighed her again this morning and she has lost 50g (2oz) since Monday. I don’t have another Nera as a comparison, but I also weighed a Light Sussex who was about the same size when they were point of lays, and she was nearly 2.5kg (5lb 8oz).
Should I do the deed? I hate culling birds but will do it if I think she’s going to suffer more if I leave her alone. She doesn’t look in agonising pain, but it doesn’t seem right to let her starve to death.


Advice welcome!

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My logic says to cull, but that's just me. I don't see the benefit of chasing good money on vet bills for something that's probably inevitable, unless of curse it's something to protect your entire flock. From what I've read into you post, I doubt she'll ever be able to pay for her keep. (it's just a me thing)

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I'm not so bothered about whether she earns her keep - these are definitely pets not livestock, at least as far as my daughter and husband are concerned! I just don't want to let her suffer if she's got very little chance of recovery.

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