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Goopy Eyes on my Easter Egger

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I need help in determining what's going on with my 22-week-old Easter Egger.  I noticed her eyes seeming runny and goopy last night and this morning one of them is closed and the other is barely open.  At times, she has her beak open and doesn't want to leave her roost.  Other than those symptoms, I don't notice any others.  I'm new to chicken owning and am not sure what to do other than isolate her; Although, I fear its too late for my other two hens as they snuggle closely at night and they're probably already exposed to whatever it is she has.  Anyone have any idea what this is and what to do about it?

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How long have you had her? Have you noticed any nasal drainage, sneezing, rattly or wheezy breathing, or a bad odor? Is there any signs that she has been pecked around the eyes, or have you seen any fowl pox lesions or scabs around her face or eyes? There is a picture of fowl pox below. It could be a respiratory disease such as MG or coryza, and there are others. Coryza has a bad odor. MG is treated with Tylan or oxytetracycline, while coryza is better treated with Sulfadimethoxine or Sulmet in the water. Most respiratory diseases can be chronic and come back, while making carriers of the flock. Here is a good link to read about common respiratory and other diseases:





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Thanks for responding! I've had my 3 hens since they were a couple days old and they're now about 22 weeks.  The picture is great as I have notice a couple scabs on the comb of my buff orpington.  I thought my Barred Rock, the obvious leader of the pack, had just pecked at her. My Orpington seems seems perfectly fine except for a couple scabs. Does this look like Fowl Pox to you?


I have not noticed any bad odor.  The Easter Egger sounds a little hoarse but continues her "chicken chatter", staying in her coop. I don't hear any wheezy breathing or sneezing.


Thank you so much - your information is invaluable to me as a newby!



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