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What is some good Bedding for button quail? If possible could you put out pics, thank u.
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I use grass clippings for my coturnix
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My buttons have no problems with pine shreddings or paper bedding. They love to dust bathe in it. When they were little I had them on table mats or yoga mats, which are easy to clean. You can go to a local pet store or tractor supply for the bedding. Good luck!
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My favorite is sand. You can clean it with a cat litter shovel, no need to change it all. This makes it very easy and almost no cost to clean cages - I do it with the birds still in the cage. And their cage becomes one big dust bath :) Also, it is natural for them and I read something somewhere about sand having anti bacterial properties.

I also have buttons on wood chips, but this is in my aviary, and only because I'm afraid the budgies in there will eat the sand, should I use that.

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