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Is my Rooster sick?

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My six month old Bantam Rooster is one of eleven chickens all raised together since day one. Purchased from a reputable supplier in Mill Valley Ca on May 2015. All chicks were inoculated at birth. They live in a very clean and run. The coop has sand on the floor and their poop is cleaned up daily. The run initially had grass in it but the chickens have taken it down to dirt. We maintain their water with apple cider vinegar to ward off, among other things, parasites. The water is freshened weekly and the two water vessels (one in the coop and one in the run) are cleaned weekly.We provide the chickens with organic feed which we supplement with table scraps and vegetables from our garden (we have a list of foods safe/unsafe to feed the chickens which we follow to the letter)..


Yesterday we noticed that our rooster periodically while standing or squatting down in the dirt will close his eyes at different points all throughout the day. He still crows in the morning/afternoon, is eating and drinking water. Other than what appears to be his periodic desire to take a nap he still seems very active and darts around the run with the other chickens. His gullet seems clear (i.e. no buildup of food, sand, grit, etc.). He doesn't appear to be exhibiting any signs of abnormal breathing, his comb seems healthy, there is no discharge from his nostrils,eyes are not watery, no apparent sneezing or coughing, his poop appears normal and there is no blockage at his vent.


We would appreciate your thoughts and perspectives on what, if anything, we should do in light of his recent desire to "eye" nap during the day.Is there such thing as narcolepsy in chickens?  Is he possibly exhibiting the early symptoms of something that we should treat? Should we separate him from the flock? Please advise.


Thank You!

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Welcome to BYC. Apple cider vinegar won't prevent parasites, but in small amounts won't due any harm. He may just be resting, and hopefully isn't getting sick. I would probably worm the flock with Valbazen 1/2 ml orally to each bird, then repeat in 10 days, just in case he has worms. Vitamins with a probiotic in the water 2-3 days a week would be good to give for awhile. You also might want to look his skin over especially under the vent for any tiny lice, mites, or their eggs. If he is found to have diarrhea or blood in his droppings, you also may want to give him a 5 day treatment of Corid in his water for possible coccidiosis.
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Thank you so much! I will explore all of your reccomendations! Much appreciated!
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