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Lethargic hen

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my RIR, Chewbocka, has been so sleepy today!! Every time I went out today, she was up on something (table, wheelbarrow, log) sleeping on her feet. We're going to check with the vet tomorrow, but i wanted to check for ideas here in the meantime.
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Since you are consulting a vet, I'd suggest adding vitamin supplements / electrolytes to her water in the meantime.


Good luck


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I think it would be helpful to know how old she is and is she eating ok? What do her poops look like? Is she moulting? Has she been sneezing or any froth in the corner of her eyes? Has she started laying eggs yet and if so, is that still happening? 


I give mine some probiotic yoghurt and scrambled egg if they are looking a bit under the weather and keeping them warm certainly helps them when they are unwell at this time of year (northern hemisphere).


Hope it's nothing serious.

Good luck



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Vet said she has coccidia. Gave us some additives for the water. Otherwise, seems she is very healthy. She is about 1.5 years old and yes, she's moulting.
Vet said she should start feelin better soon. I hope that is the case!
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Good to hear it's something relatively easy to fix and hopefully she will be back to her old self soon.

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