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Dying chicken

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We have a hen that has a very large protuberance that resembles her crop, except it's projecting upwards from her left side and I'm not sure that it's possible to be the crop. It's about the size of a lemon right now and has been for a few days. It's big and high enough on her chest where she can rest her head on it. 

At the end of last week we had a hawk attack, all the girls went in hiding but this one went missing. We found her about 50 yards down the road, she had no visible injuries but she seemed she was in shock or possibly had internal injuries. We put her in a segregated section of the coop/run to keep an eye on her. After a day she seemed to be acting normal but her crop (or this infection) built up quickly and never went down and hasn't changed in size since it first showed up. I'm pretty sure she's getting enough water and there seems to be the normal amount of droppings in her area too. 

The last few days she's been acting lethargic and putting herself in strange and uncomfortable looking places like the corner of her run. I'm not sure if she's trying to find a place to die, If the hawk managed to pick her up and drop her from altitude I suppose it could do some serious internal damage, and I've never seen a crop look like this. We are most likely going to bring her to the vet but I was hoping I could get some advice from those who know more than me about situations like this.

From the photos you cant tell that it's on the left side, but it is.

Thanks everyone.


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Bumping this to the top, hopefully someone here has some advice/answers.

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What does her crop feel like? Is it squishy or does it feel impacted? Is it possible there is a foreign object in there?


I don't know much about crop problems but more info may get others to offer good advice.

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Thanks for replying. The cop feels like it's impacted, a solid mass that can move around fairly easily. It seems to cause her discomfort when I touch it.

This AM her energy level seemed to be back to normal, the crop or whatever it might be is still huge. She drank a lot of water last night, and she is still regular.

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thats what my chicken looked like maybe mareks ors something else

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