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When do they stop?

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I've got 14 hens they are a little over 2 years they are rode island reds and I was wondering when they will stop laying?
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You will have a slight decrease in egg production which will continue for some time.  I have an 8 year old hen that is still laying a few eggs between bouts of broodiness.  Laying does not just stop (at least none of mine have), but decreases over time. Diet and health play a factor in this too, as well as the breed.  Egg production layers lay more eggs but not for as long as those breeds that go broody. Egg production starts to decrease between 2 and 3 years of age.

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I agree totally with nchls school.  Our turkin is over 13 yrs (who knew they even GOT that old?) and that grand old gal still lays, sometimes regularly as if she were a young pullet again!  Most of my older girls molted this fall, so my production is down a bit, but my broodiest gal is laying again and I'm watching for her to go broody her third time.  She's such a good mommy!  From her last batch of 5 hens, just the youngest has started laying, (Bubbles) but two more (Mimi and Molly) are getting bright red combs, so soon for them I'm betting.  I love my chickens....

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Thanks yah none of mine are very good mommies I've had them for about a year but I got a couple Sussex I've read that they go broody more often then they are around 14 weeks now I hope they will be hatch me some eggs when they are older all mine molted about a month or more ago. I'm trying to save eggs for this weekend cuz I'm borrowing a incubator
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