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What is it?

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I'm including a photo...My rooster & both hens have something that looks like mold on their crowns & wattles. Will someone please look at the pics and tell me what it is & how to treat it?It's not the best pic but maybe it's good enough. Thank you in advance!
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It looks like fowl pox. You can give then vitamins/probiotics in the water to help them. Iodine can be used on some of the spots but do a search on here to verify with pictures. Believe me theres tons lol.
Dry fowl pox just has to run it's course and they'll be immune to that strain in the future.
Wet pox is a concern because the lesions can get into the mouth causing breathing difficulties. You'll have to look in their mouths for the lesions.
I've only dealt with dry pox, my chickens did fine and it lasted about 3 wks.
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Ok! Thank you very much for your help. I'm new at this and had no idea what it was or what to do about it. Hopefully it's dry pox!! Thanks again!
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