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Unbalanced rooster

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I have a silkie rooster that started out sitting like he was sick. Hunched up, the whole thing. Well I took him in and fed him egg and tried to figure it out. He was separated from the rest. He wanted to sit on his hocks. I gave him some vitamin E and Selenium knowing silkies tend to have a problem with that and it seeming like he was having a problem that was similar. It seemed like he was getting better the next day. He ate egg on how own and was drinking well. He even stood up on his own though no walking. Well today he is not good at all. He will not stand won't drink doesn't want to eat and now when resting on his hocks he is tipping slowly backwards and before he falls backwards he naturally pulls to the side. It's like a balancing issue. I have lifted him up so I am supporting his legs and he will try to walk by making the motions against the floor but he can't stand. He tries to pull forward so he tips forward and backward. I don't get it. This has been over the last few days and today is the first day where I feel like it's hopeless. Has anyone had this happen and know what it could be???? I have thought of mareks but.... I don't know. Please give me some advice.
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It does sound like it could possibly be Mareks, but I would give him some riboflavin or general poultry vitamins containing riboflavin (B2.) Feed him as much fluids as possible in case he is dehydrated. I am sorry that he is so sick, and really hope it is not Mareks.

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I'm sorry to hear about your Silkie, I too this past month have two 8 week old chicks that had balance issues that lasted a few days, they were unsteady and trying very hard to walk in a straight line. This progressed into leg paralysis in both, so I separated them and keep them inside where I have been looking after them both this past month with no improvement in one and a little improvement in the other. They are eating and drinking well and appear healthy apart from leg issues. One of them had paralysis in both her legs with curled toes, a couple of days ago she suddenly got one of her legs and foot functioning normally again. I love them soooo much and just can't have them culled because they appear so well apart from their legs. I spoke with a vet yesterday who told me they will eventually die. Has anyone got any experience of types of MD. I guess it's also worth pointing out that over the past month I have had three sudden deaths in young pullets. I'm guessing they may have had MD without obvious symptoms. Does the neural form of MD lead to death? and is leg paralysis normally the neural form? I guess I'm hoping someone will tell me that they will survive this as I've read that some do, but I feel less hopeful now that the vet has told me they will eventually die from this. If anyone has been through this terrible disease and cared for their bird.can you please give any advice on how long it takes for the disease to kill them, do their legs return to normal and how long should it take....or am I being cruel only assuming my babies are well because they're eating well, but in actual fact, they are suffering...please any advise on MD would be most helpful from someone who has been through this. Thanks for listening.
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But see I am not sure this is MD. Just because there is leg issues doesn't mean it is MD. It is so easy to jump to that IMHO. I mean certainly a factor to look at but sometimes it's a vitamin issue or a strain. Mad is contagious and if other birds haven't come down with it then what does that mean?? I know it can be dormant until something like a sickness that lowers their immune system causes it to flair up but EVERYONE is fine but him??? I don't know...
On another note I am sorry you are experiencing issues with this as well. It is so frustrating.
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It sure is a very frustrating predicament. How is your Silkie today? Your may not be MD in your bird but unfortunately it is almost certain that it is wiping some of my young ones out. My two are eating and drinking well and have grew and gained a good weight this past month. I spend a lot of time with them. I began using St. John's wort yesterday and have found that although their legs aren't back to normal they are definitely more relaxed and I can do physio with them both easier. One has its legs treated with bandages the same way you would treat splayed legs in new born chicks. He can walk about with this on him, it doesn't work for the other because she has curled toes in one foot. I tried making her a bandaid shoe which helped to straighten out her foot but she falls over and is happier sitting and being carried about by me. She coos and talks away to me when I carry her around the garden showing her things. I hope your Silkie makes a speedy recovery. It's worth letting you know that one of my pullets was off balance for a few days and appeared pale and off her food, she recovered and is 100 percent again, just depends on the bird I guess. Take care
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