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wet fowl pox

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Help please.
One of my hens has wet fowl pox. What is the best way to treat it before it gets too bad and blocks her throat up?
Open to all suggestions. I know it can't be treated with antibiotics but is there anyway to keep it under control and boost her immune system to help fight it off
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Have you seen the yellow spots or patches in the throat? What symptoms are you seeing? Wet pox is only when there are lesions inside the throat, esophagus, or trachea. Making sure they are eating and drinking enough, and probiotics in the water or feed are helpful for immunity. Some feeds now contain probiotics, such as some of the Purina and Nutrena feeds.

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Yes she has yellow patches in her throat and now the dry form as well (scabs on face).
I will get some probiotics. Should I pick the scabs off? One is on her eye lid impacting her vision.
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No, the scabs should not be disturbed since that can spread the virus. Vetericyn eye gel or the eyewash can be used in the eyes to help prevent eye infection. Terramycin eye ointment also will work. Bacterial eye infections can be very common with fowl pox virus around the eyes. Many people use betadine on the scabs away from the eyes.

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Thank you. I'll see how I go
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