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I have the one form Fleming, but the advanced and I love it so far.  The company is very responsive if you have a problem.  The advanced is great, as I never have to adjust the time for darkness, but I bet the regular one is fine too.  I just figured for $20 extra bucks, why not get the GPS one.  I already had a door though, just bought the mechanism.

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I purchased the automatic pet door from Fleming Outdoor about a month ago. I installed it (was very easy to set up and install) and am currently utilizing AA batteries until I get electric set up to the new coop.


I am very happy with Fleming Outdoor and received quick shipping from them. I saved them in my favorites as I am sure I will

be ordering from them again.


I did not get the advanced model with the GPS, but you can upgrade the basic model to it later if you decide you want it.


I received an email from Fleming with a coupon code of "CHICKEN" for $30 off the automatic pet door. It expires on November

17 so if you want one you better hurry. (I am no way associated with Fleming Outdoors, just a satisfied customer)

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I'm going to revise my review of the Ador1, because mine has begun malfunctioning within the first year, and I haven't been able to get any support on it. It has gone through three batteries in as many weeks and keeps getting stuck open and beeping "SOS". I've emailed them twice this month and gotten zero response. I'm not pleased with the dependability or warranty/support.
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I also have the advanced model from Fleming.  It was easy to install and has worked flawlessly.  I'm using it with batteries now but really like that i can plug it in if I get electric run to my coop.  I saw that it also has an optional solar panel available.

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Have any of you Pullet Shut Door owners had any issues with high winds?  I was concerned that the door looks like a big sail if the wind got kicked up a good amount.  

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so far so good for winds. around Feb we usually get violent gusts where i'm at and it is good so far. my chickens like trying to sit on the door which I find more concerning. I asked the folks at Pullet... they said not to worry about it. it won't hurt the door and the chickens wont like sitting up there much it is too wobbly for a ten pounder to roost on.
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I'm up here in NorthEast Ohio on Lake Erie and the wind we get off that Lake is unbelievable . I installed this door around the first of Nov.  It has been through a blizzard , 18 inches of snow and it has performed flawlessly - sometimes I give a quick wipeout of the bottom track , but most times just leave the door alone. Right now we have about a foot of snow on the ground with another 8 -12 inches coming & below 0 temps forecasted , so I closed the door and disconnected the battery and the chickens will be locked in the coop probably until this bitter cold snap passes ( about a week ) Sure am glad I insulated the coop , I also made a $3.00 water heater and their water is always unfrozen.



I would rec getting the sensor mounted door - just plug it in and forget about it  

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