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Not much movement since lockdown???

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Finally decided to join after lurking for a couple of years as I can't find an answer to my question this time.


Firstly, a big thank you to the BYC community for all the knowledge and helped I've got over the last couple of years while hatching chickens and quail.


I currently have 56 coturnix quail in the incubator.  They went into lockdown Monday night and are due to start hatching tomorrow, day 16.  Have hatched quail quite a few times now with the last batch a month ago mostly hatching on day 16, couple day 15 and couple day 17.  Have had them hatch as late as day 20 in previous batches though. 


Anyway, since lockdown we have only seen 6 out of 56 eggs wobble which I find very unusual.  We usually see a lot more action that that so I'm wondering if anyone else has seen very little movement but still had a good hatch rate???

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I don't see much movement in mine, but they could just be partying while I'm at work and sleeping while I'm home big_smile.png
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Looks like we just have a lazy bunch of eggs as we now have 10 pipped and 1 has just hatched!:yiipchick


Hoping for many more of course, but off to a good start.  Seems they are going to be a day or so later than the last batch too.


Will keep you posted.  ​  ​

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Final result - 12 out of 56 eggs hatched.  Cracked remaining eggs open and none of them were fertile.  Absolutely no sign of any development.  Needless to say I am not happy with the seller who seemed to be reliable.:rant


At least 100% of the eggs that were fertile hatched, so we must be doing something right.  And they are all very healthy.  Usually we get at least one with splayed legs or curled toes that need fixing. ​

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If youre getting splayed legs and curled toes youre having humidity fluctuation issues.
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I think in our case it was due to old, possibly related breeding stock.  We have now hatched to separate batches that we bought from different states to introduce new blood and have ordered some leg rings so we don't end up having relatives breed.  Some of our earlier batches were probably due to humidity fluctuations as we had a manual turning incubator so were having to turn the eggs ourselves.  Haven't had much of a problem since buying our self turning one which we only have to opened to put eggs into lockdown.  Have still had the occasional leg issue, but like I said, I think it's due to related breeding stock.


Our last one from this batch that we had to help out yesterday seems to be not quite right.  Quite sleepy and seems a little weak on one side with slightly bulgy eye on that side.  Sometimes there is a reason they don't hatch on their own.:/


Have given him some vitamins to see if that helps. He/she will let us know in the next day or two. ​

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