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I just took my 5 out to the brooder
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very good,i wish we could keep them little forever

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This morning I woke up & got 5 more !!
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I hope your hatch is good too!!
All this eggs from my own quails ....we didn't order or buy !!
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Yay!!!  They are just soooo cute.​


We gave up hope and decided to crack ours with the belief they weren't going to come to anything on what we thought was day 19.


Anyway, cracked one, to find a live fully developed chick so quickly put it back in the bator to find it had pipped the opposite side to where we crack it.  Not sure if the pip was already there or it did it out of fright.  Keep a close eye on it but it died in the shell. Opened it up to find bright read veins in the membrane and a tiny bit of yolk.  So not sure if we accidently killed it or it was never going to make it anyway.  Not sure why it died unless out of fright, as we didn't disturb any veins and only made a hole big enough to see there was live chick. Didn't appear to be obviously shrink wrapped in a way that should have killed it although membrane had started to shrink slightly, but not around head or neck.


So the other 3 are still in the bator. Day 21 today.  Not sure how long to leave them. Edited to add the incubator they are in tends to be a bit slower compared to our bigger auto one which has always had all hatch that are going to by day 19.  I assume due to slight temp variations.  Forgot about that until we cracked that poor chick. 


What is the lastest anyone has every had coturnix quail hatch?

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Another way u can do ....check by floating test
Use warm water (100 F) and put the egg in there
If u see egg wiggering that mean it still alive and has hope
If the egg not move u can throw away!!
That's the save way!!
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I always help them out if they only make one piip,most live,a few were sickly and would have died anyway.Is your hatch time 18 to 21 days?my texas a #m,s are 18.The ones that get out on their own are sure fast,ill go to put 1 in brooder and when I come back,3 have hatched out and are  running around incubator

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That's nice:D
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I have four in right now and have never hatched before, but pictures of developing chicks online say I should start seeing stuff in the eggs as soon as day this true? I'm just so paranoid they won't hatch. We got them by accident but are super gung-ho about hatching and raising them

Edit:family has chickens, bought the incubator that came with quail eggs instead of the same incubator without by mistake.
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Quail eggs are very small and darker color than another eggs...
It's hard to see. For me I'm not candle them at all
Another thing u said u put 4 eggs in ....that's very
small amount....I put 30-42 eggs most the time
And 25 hatched from 42 , 15 hatched from 30 , or 18 from 30
So only 4 eggs it's hard to say ...just try yr best
Good luck
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