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I read in another post that you should not feed chicks (mine are four and a half weeks) live mealworms.  Something about the heads being too hard or the worms eating through their stomach?  Is this just one of the many myths about what not to feed them?  I have been giving live mealworms for a few days now but am second guessing my decision.  If it is true can someone point me to a link with evidence? 


They sure do love them.

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I've heard that concern with *kingworms*/*superworms*, which are a different species of maggot, but never heard it about your standard blackwing mealworm.  Kingworms are about 2 inches long, whereas chicken-friendly mealworms are about 1 inch. Kingworms are more expensive, so you're unlikely to see them mislabeled as mealworms and they're visually distinct anyway.


Otherwise, so long as your chicks have a source of appropriately-sized grit, I think you should be fine: 4.5 weeks is old enough.  Mama hens will excitedly feed mealworms to baby chicks if that makes you feel better :)

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