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New to Birds

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Over the summer, I got three chickens - supposedly female.  Just found out that one of the girls is actually a Rhode Island Red Rooster.  Doesn't have the curved tail feathers yet but the dead give away was the crowing.  So now I have two hens and a rooster.


Don't know much about birds and could sure use some helpful hints.  I have discovered that Rueben the Rooster lies to peck my hands when I try to feed them.  I discovered he doesn't like the spray bottle of water in the face so I think that's under control.


1.  What's the best way to winterize (I live in Reno) a small coop?  Heating lamp?  Heated pad?  Both?

2.  Will Rueben continue to peck me?

3.  When will the hens begin laying eggs?





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Hello there! and welcome to BYC!!!! Some good reading here


winterize your coop


great reading about roosters


Laying hens


hope this helps you out! good luck!

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