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Lone Turkey Hen

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I have a turkey Hen that wondered into my property 4 months ago and stayed. She is friendly and has adopted my chickens as her flock. They are all my pets. She seems content for now, but wonder if I should get another turkey to keep her company, if so should it be a full grown hen, Tom or chicks. Neighbor just got a pair of Turkeys, and unsure if she may want to leave and  join them . We like having her around, and would like to raise chicks by hand, to be friendly, but they are hard to come by this time of year. Never had turkeys before. Don't know if they are territorial and reject others or not. But assume they like to  flock together. Any advice helpful. thanks.

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Hi Juanita! First...welcome to BYC! We have a pretty active group on the "Century of Turkey Talk " thread. Lots of folks with great turkey advice. Several folks are going through the same thing you are....a turkey just appears in their yard! I should be so lucky! lol.png
Do you know what breed she is? Post pictures on the turkey thread...we would love to see her.
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