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Khaki Campbell drake eye injury

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This afternoon I came home and went to let our ducks out into thier large fenced in area. Our two hens came running right out as they always do, but our drake, Stanley stayed in the run. That's not unusual as he is reluctant to come out if we are standing right there. I went inside and peeked out the window to still see him standing in the run. That was cause for alarm. Usually I get two steps away and he runs after his girls.

I went out there to try to coax him out and saw a white spot where his left eye was supposed to be. I freaked out, ran inside to change out of my work clothes and grab a towel.

After wrapping him in th towel and brining him into the garage, I was able to inspect him a little closer. He wouldn't open his eye and got very snippy when I pried at it a little.

We are lucky enough to have a full bathroom in th basement with a tub, I filled it and let him bathe.

After that he opened his eye and I was able to see what was going on. There's white goop, and a red irritated eye, and the nictitating membrane looks like it's over the eye-and he's blind.

I went to TSC and got veteracyin eye wash.

I'm posting looking for some ideas as to what could be wrong & suggestions for what else I can do for my poor boy

***update on Stanley-morning of day two*****
Brought him into the garage and made him eat some and drink in front of me, so he still seems perfectly healthy other than his eye. We gave him the veteracyin eye wash before bed last night, so this morning i administered his first of the day.

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Few quick things it could be... and I'm not a vet, so take what I say with a grain of salt. :)


1 - I know high ammonia can cause eye issues in ducks.  If you can smell ammonia in their living space, that's a major problem.  Clean it out and make sure they flooring stays clean, and dry (I know - nearly impossible with ducks!)


2 - They need water deep enough to dunk their entire head in - they use this to clean their eyes.


3 - Dust from feed, vehicles, or flooring can cause eye issues.


4 - Dehydration can cause eye issues.


5 - Sinus Infection (epson salt + warm water bath)


If none of this makes "sense" the eye problem may be related to a more serious health problem.  Is the duck otherwise acting normal otherwise?  I would go with the sinus infection based on the pictures... the veterycin should also help.

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PS:  Your duck is beautiful, and I hope he gets better really soon!

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It's been rainy and so any combination of the things you said could be possible....too much ammonia (God forbid I have a dry day so I can scrub them out this week), too much dust (I've given them fresh pine bedding everyday because of how wet it's been)

They definitely have access to water deep enough for drinking and bathing, that's one thing I'm neurotic about. Ducks should ALWAYS have water.

Other than the eye he seems fine. I watched him eat, drink and poop normal. His posture and movements are fine-other than using his good eye to look around.

Im a newbie, we've owned chickens prior to these 3. I'm quite proud of them so far. Our girls have been giving us eggs:clap

(Minus one hen laying her eggs right next to the little pool they have in thier run)
And Stanley the drake hasn't been overly aggressive when gettin' it on.

My goofy boy needs to make a recovery, I'm want babies this spring! I'm addicted!
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Oops, flip flop those pictures! big_smile.png Stanley has the branch on him-aka:being my goofy boy
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