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Wet or dry Fowl poxs?

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My flock has been battleing the dry poxs for a month we have one hen completely recovered! Yesterday a pox on my favorite hen that has been on the side of her mouth for two weeks just looked more swollen than usual so i brought her in and investigated- she has what looks like wet poxs and ofcourse i had a panic attack- since going through dry poxs ive done a lot of research on the two types and found a lot of info here helpful- i posted in a fb group pictures of my girl and the chicken expert there said its not wet pocs its dry poxs that have spread to the mouth so now i am confused- heres my flock history, i dont know if it will help any
I purchased my favorite hen and EE in march as two- 3 day old chicks at the feed store in March 2015
My flock has since grown to 6 hens all about the same age and 1 roo
They are fed all veggies, non gmo feed and a free range diet
Since getting poxs they have been wormed as i found a round worm in a poo over a week ago ( safegaurd goat wormer)
We have had no other issues or injuries in the flock since we have owned them-
The hen i am worried about has not laid an egg in a week and is losing some of her underfluff feathers (no signs of parasites ) and not sure its related
For the poxs i have been treating with iodine- i tried the sulfur vasaline mix and it didnt seem to do too much but there again i didnt really do it more than once
All of my chickens are going to get the chick-n-poxs vaccine in saturday ( we are doing this instead of poxine bc i have 4 week old chicks in the brooder and this is the only vaccine that can be given at their age)
I have been adding oxine to the water (every few water changes and vitamen b12 and electrolytes)
My hen has been eating and drinking and playing ad normal tho she just acts like she feels a little unwell at times.
If this is wet poxs ,how long does it take for the mouth lesions to heal? Is it better to leave them alone since its currently not causing to much issues with breathing eating and drinking? (Dont want to risk spreading it further)
Will the vaccine help her since shes already two weeks in? Is it possible for dry poxs to spread to the mouth ? Please any help and info would be greatly appreciated- Penny is my pet and i want to give her the best care and help her through this!
Thank you

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Pox usually lasts about 2-3 weeks. She does appear to have some yellow plaques inside her mouth, but that may be just dry pox still. The wet or diphtheric pox is usually had to see, but has tan or yellow plaques in the throat, esophagus, trachea, or sinuses. Here in this link at the bottom of the page, it shows what wet pox looks like:




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So it is possible for dry poxs to spread to the mouth? Where the cheesy parts are in her mouth there is a dry pox on the outside- is it possible and or safe to crush a baby asprin , make a paste and apply it topically to the outside pox that is causing her swelling and pain?
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I'm no expert on pox. The diphtherticic or wet pox makes it very painful to eat and swallow. Removal of the yellow patches seen, and application of iodine or 2% Lugol's iodine solution is the only treatment for wet pox.  I would try to get her to eat some egg,  a small amount of chopped tuna or salmon, or even liver or hamburger in addition to her normal feed if she is not eating enough. Here are a couple more articles with information on pox:,1607,7-153-10370_12150_12220-26362--,00.html

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