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I've heard good things about Adams flea and tick spray.  It has a high alcohol content as well as a pest killer.  You would want to check up on it though and see what others have to say.


Garden dust did not work for me.  Mites will only bother avian species, they are not much for humans and dogs.  We find them gross and irritating but they are real blood suckers on poultry and ornamental pet birds.

Everyone should have a Sultan in their flock


Everyone should have a Sultan in their flock

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Is there a spray I can use to clean the coop to kill the mites? I used the garden & poultry dust but I'm thinking a spray will e easier to get into crevices. Its a bad infestation I am still getting them on me and in the house now sad.png Will these mites bother my dogs? How long does it take for the garden & poultry dust to kill the mites on the pullets I rubbed it on? I can't believe how gross this is sad.png And I am so worried for the young pullets they look anemic and the frizzle's eye's are half open I think from itching so much. I can see the mites all over the splash pullet because she is white. I have not looked today because I do not want to get them all over me again and I think I inhaled too much dust yesterday and I feel horrible (I know lesson learned to wear a mask).

Some people use this:

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Thank you I think I will try this this weekend and clean out the coop entirely and leave it for a day to dry out before I put the chicks back. And I will spray the chicks with Adams or Frontline spray. So much for "natural" chicken keeping. They are still infested after the poultry dust bath and I put a lot and really rubbed it in :(

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