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HELP Injured leg

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i have a duck that has a bad leg its about 9-10 weeks old and it got stuck in some wire and now it has a limp what can i do and will it heal itself 

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Well I say go to the vet or if you want to do it by your self put it away from the other chickens intill it heals first step is to put some sterile gauze on the wound BUT WASH YOUR HANDS, DONT PUT THE STERILE GAUZE TIGHTLY OR ELSE THE LEG WILL BREAK MORE OR EVEN THE WILL OFF OFF BECAUSE OF THE BLOOD NOT TRAVELING IN THE LEG. Hope your chicken is ok
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its a duck and i cant see any wound i think it might bee a bit sprained or twisted and it often sits down and stretches its leg

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Oh I see
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Look for redness, bruising, or swelling in the bones of the leg. A sprain or a broken bone will heel faster with rest and confinement in a pen, and can take 3 or more weeks, especially if broken. Splinting may help in a break if properly done, and be sure to check that nothing is too tight.

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