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Chicken attacked

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My chicken was attacked and now she can't lift her head. She is still breathing and keeps trying to get up. What should I do?
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Bring her inside to keep her warm. Place some food and water close to her. She could be in shock or be suffering from wry neck. Get some poultry vitamins to put in the water, or get Poultry Nutri-Drench or Poultry Cell tonic from your feed store and give 3 ml over a day, every day. Those contain vitamin E and selenium which are used to treat wry neck. Selenium is also found in eggs, meats, tuna, and nuts. The injury may have caused some brain inflammation. Let her rest as much as possible. Here is some reading about wry neck, and I hope she gets well:

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We went ahead and put her down she could even drink water. He tongue kept going to the side of her mouth. She was suffering.
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I'm sorry for your loss, but glad she is no longer suffering.

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