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Hen not acting her usual self

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My 7-8 month old EE hen is not moving around much and is falling asleep where every she makes it too, mostly in the corner. She is not eating even when I try to give her her favorite treats. I was able to get her to drink some electrolyte water yesterday and very little this morning. She is fluffed up with her tail down as well. Her poop is runny. I noticed her behavior yesterday morning but I do remember my husband saying that Penny spit up the night before when we were doing our evening chicken duties but she was still acting fine or it wasn't enough for us to be alarmed at that time. She laid an egg yesterday but it had been a couple days since she had laid with the previous egg being a massive one. I did give some Safeguard wormer for goats yesterday. She slept on the roost last night with the rest of the chickens. The coop she is in has 3 other hens that are the same age as Penny and have been together since day one. Night before last I added a rooster and hen in with her and her friends. They had been kept side by side for a couple weeks so they could get use to each other and everything went well when we put them all together. All other chickens seem to be healthy and are acting normal. Penny is my kids favorite hens because of her fluffy cheeks and bright blue eggs. They will be devastated if anything happens to her. Any idea what may be going on? I just brought her in the house and she took a couple steps and laid down on the cement floor. I have now places her in a box with some hay and she is sleeping. Please help. I am attaching a picture of her and her poo that is very watery.

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I am no poo expert but the watery stuff looks like egg white and the yellow stuff looks like yolk.


IMO she may have had an egg break inside of her.

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I did not notice the yellow until you mention it but the wormer is white and I was assuming that that is what that is. I'm no expert either so I'm not really sure. But there is yellow?!? If an egg broke inside her, is there anything that I can do to make her feel better? She has not laid an egg today but the past couple weeks she has slowed down a little bit as well as my other chickens since it is getting cooler. I wish I could get her eat something and now I have to put her beak in the water to get her to drink. She will move if approached but doesn't go far 😔
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Yeah there are things you can do to help her pass the rest of the egg. Don't ask me what exactly, I only had this happen once and I remember bathing the hen's bottom in warm water for a while.


Hopefully others will chime in.


The white stuff looks like urates made liquidy by egg white. Is the black stuff poo? I sure hope that isn't old blood.

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Yes that is actual very dark green poo. I will give her a warm bath and see if that helps. Thank you for the info.
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Is she trying to "press" something out? It may be a broken egg inside her, a soft shelled most likely if its the case. Check her vent for hanging shell pieces. You should also check her temperatur with a thermometer (in the vent) and see if shes got a fever.


If she does, take her to a vet asap and start antibiotic treatment, Tylan or Baytril are commonly  used drugs.


Also check inside her vent. Put on a rubber glove (sterile) and apply some lube or mild soap and GENTLY feel with one finger around in her vent. If you detect something hard, it could be a stuck egg, which also needs a visit of your vet


The watery green poop is caused by the low food intake and the drinking. Birds with an infection tend to drink lots of water, and since water cant be digested like solid food can, the poop looks very water. Grean poo = hunger

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