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I did some shuffling around and got it moved into the incubator room but it's difficult to get to the command center on the middle 1502 now so i'll have to do some more rearranging after this coming hatch is completed.  hopefully i'll have everything worked out and better organized before the spring hatching starts.


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I have been following you and am interested in the size of your hatcher. Is it 18 inches wide by 18 inches high by 24 tall? That looks really nice!!!!

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18 wide, 24 tall and 24 deep.


originally it was only going to be 18 tall but that didn't work out for the size fan i used with the tray sizes.

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Thank you very much. 

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you're welcome.

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Did you place the two sensors STC-100 and the humidity one I believe in the incubator hole that you made? I have both and they are great!!!

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i cut two properly sized holes in the front for the two controllers, the sensors are both inside and not yet permanently attached till i make sure they are in their optimal location.

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as of now both controllers are working perfectly where i have them, i've got 4 other thermometers and hygrometers that i've moved around to check for hot/cold spots and things are looking good, the ultrasonic humidifier is working great too, it's cold and dry here currently and it's holding pretty good for an unsealed cabinet.   i have the controller set for 60% , it was running low 30s with it off and has no problem holding 60 with it on.


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These eggs were supposed to go in tomorrow morning but i have an appointment and placed them tonight, we'll see come the 28th, both trays are FULL!!  i ran out of shelf liner so some of them are gonna have to tough it out on the 1/8th wire.   i used an old feed sack cut down to the proper size to line the bottom of the hatcher and catch anything that might pass though and keep it from making a mess before i can get it all sealed up after this hatch.


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How close are your  drawers to the front and back walls? 

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