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silkie with tumors..??

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heyy everyone... so since the past few days i'm noticing some strange bumps/lumps on the face of my silkie pullet...
i thought maybe it was a mosquito bite but i think it's a more serious issue... Can u tell me what she got and how to treat her.. The left side has more lumps... she has one on her lower eyelid therefore her eye is closed..
she is approximately 4 - 4.5 months old...

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It may be fowl pox, a virus spread by mosquitoes. With silkies, it's always very hard to see lesions on their skin with their coloring, but fowl pox can look a little different in them. Put some iodine on the scabs, trying not to disturb them, to dry them out. Get some Terramycin ointment or Vetericyn Eye Gel or Eye Wash to apply to the affected eye twice a day to help prevent bacterial secondary infections which may lead to blindness. Sometimes the wet form of pox can cause lesions inside the throat, airway, esophagus, and sinuses in some chickens, which is more dangerous that dry pox. The lesions may be yellowish in color, and cause the bird to have difficulty eating and breathing. There is no treatment for pox, other than to watch and treat secondary infections.

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thanks so much for your response...
i'll follow your instruction and see if she improves... i live in a tropical country therefore there are tons of mosquitoes at night and with the arrival of summer it is getting worse...
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I have a cream for swelling.. do you think applying a little bit on the affected area might refuce the swelling...
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I would use iodine or Lugol's solution. A cream containing hydrocortisone would be okay, but don't use anything containing drugs such as lido caine, benzocaine, or pramocaine (pramoxen) since they can be toxic to chickens.

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