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I saw the Dorkings!


Im glad you remembered!! :love

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2/8/16 930pm


Casportpony Can you possible do a list for us who is clean for MG as far as bigger hatcheries and also these:  Ideal Hatchery is mycoplasma positive @casportpony
  whites bday Feb 19th

Making Bators~ I need updates to keep adding to our notes sections  canadachickens, fire 4th cabinet, silverhair, fresnofarmer, mrleeroy you need to start one! CliftonFarmer cooler, chickenlove cooler, lazyacre  cooler, shahtir101 coolerbator
Coop expansions:
Silverhair, chaos18, hippiestink,Fire Ant Farm

Fire Making bators too.   A couple dozen BCM's and about 3 dozen out of our free range layer pen.
Sally great hatch, waiting on  serama //// eggs from sara and martha set 1/24  day 7 legbar, projects, marans, Lemon Cuckoo orphingtons, tolbunt polish, and some mix silkies
NestingHillsSC 14 eggs in the hatcher yesterday2/4. I have another 18 I have to stagger in tomorrow morning. Wheaten Ameraucanas and BCMs. Probably Barred Rocks, Buff Brahmas, Heritage Reds and Sex links. LOL
J&TRanch 1/12/16  12 self blue Cochin bantams (shipped) day 3 (going to candle today to see how many are viable).... And 18 eggs arriving in the mail tomorrow @J&Tranch  My shipped self blue bantam Cochins are doing good. I had to throw out a stinker and a seeper 😟 So out of those 10 remaining, 7 are developing nicely 😀 They're on day 7.  I ended up receiving 16 shipped from GA, they looked good considering the single digit temps- only 3 saddles and none cracked. They're on day 3 today, will candle Wednesday maybe. 
Saris My hatch is done 6 DIS 24 chicks outonly had to help one out of the shell when it got stuck zipping. Hooray!
TJ The original two surviving Serama eggs from the shipped mushy mess have bit the dust. From the newer shipped mess there are two still developing. They do have horrible saddle cells, so not a lot of hope for them either. My purple Guineas have just started laying and people are wanting chicks, so.....Pulling out the Mind Reading Bator this weekend!
Casportsponyday 34 for the Muscovy eggs and it looks like I have one external pip, two internals. One of the eggs have a huge "bruise" at the bottom of the shell, so I doubt it's still alive.
13 Dominicker
5 Leghorn, may be White or Brown, mostly Whites in that coop.(Not the cheery oldish dude Whites)
Hope the Doms and Leghorns are fertile.
Canadachickens  Barnyard mix yeilded 8 fluffy butts out of 13  day 11 candle of silkies - 4 viable, 10 duds, 2 blood rings
Venymae    @venymae
got an update? hope your ok!  Salmon Favorelles and 11 shipped Cochin eggs on 1/15.  On day 8, only 4 of the Favorelles looked good, but 8 of the Cochins did -- I left them all in the 'bator.   I added 10 of my own silkies on 1/23. 
gotro17 Shellee lavender Orpington shipped egg issue,Papa's Poultry. Jeff- you rocked it! Not one crack! Thank you!!! We have Bielefelders, Crested CL, BBs Marans and Mottled Lavender Orpingtons, along with some surprises from the rainbow pen! Can't wait!!!5 Marans eggs were cracked 👎. However, all frizzles and lavender Orpingtons were intact. Vital Farms eggs I got at Target, along with some silkies from our new friend from down the road, @Jessimom... We are setting tomorrow for a Feb. 6th hatch day.  29 eggs go into lockdown tomorrow!!! Start honing your master Jedi skills of distraction and calm. I don't have a styrofoam carton to put the eggs, needing to be upright, in...but I do have plastic  2/3
ChickaLong  Hatched 28, 16 boys and 10 girl black sex links. 2 RIR X BR. 1 girl lost today. Added 20 RIR and 5 astrolops from a hatchery
Hawk12 have 7 blue/gold partridge brahma chicks in the incubator on day 15. Candled last night and things look pretty good. Air cells might be a little small. I lost 5 from this hatch due to a temp spike on day 3 sad.png I emailed the gal I bought them from to let her know my progress and she sent me a dozen more for the cost of shipping. That was very sweet of her to do knowing it wasn't her fault or even the PO but my faulty incubator. I'll be setting those eggs tomorrowDay 15, 7 eggs.
deserteggs22Update on my eggs in the incubator on day 7: all 7 of the eggs have moving babies in them!!! YAY! I will do another update on day 14. @deserteggs22
when is lockdown date?
Mirajane 10 white leghorn eggs, as I've said, my dad will only eat white eggs, so I bought some white eggs for him, so I can hatch them and raise them for him. They were shipped, 5 are good, 5 have detached air cells. Sat out for a full day before being put in incubator. Also put in 11 of our eggs from... @Mirajane
when is lockdown date?
Peachickie 4/4 silkies hatched   2/4 mutts hatched  Hearing some chirps this mornin, fingers crossed
Auroradream26My I have a broody turkey on 4 eggs and the hatcher has 26 in it
macylee 1/19/second week of my first incubation attempt! I have 40 eggs, 3 Swedish Isbars and 5 Cream Legbars, 2 RIR/EE eggs, a few RIR/Golden Comet eggs and the rest are RIR/Black Sex Links.  @macylee
How is your bator and eggs doing? 
ambe0487 2/1 I put the eggs in lockdown this morning because I will be busy getting ready for the snow storm that is suppose to hit over night here, day 18 actually starts at 3 p.m. 29 eggs, which comprise of 6 Isa brown/Legbar mix, 9 EE/ Bresse mix, and 14 Buff Orp.
Fire Ant Farm I set 16 Cream Legbar eggs yesterday afternoon. Looks like the shipped eggs (Alohas with some Naked Necks in the mix) will come next week, so the tandem hatches will be a week apart. (Brinsea Octagon), and the second one will be set up tonight (R-Com 20). Cream Legbars lock down on February 7. Aloha NNs lock down on February 16 (at least any that make it to lock down). Gently turning those three times a day now. 
scottcaddy 2 different broodies on eggs at about day 10 1/20
slordaz barnyard mix, now RIR is matured too we are gonna play guess whose the daddy game as both roosters were on all of the hens, patiently trying to get spring here faster so can build the new coopsat 23 eggs at 2 am this morning 2/3 Lockdown is Wed Feb 10th (before bed)
Math I set backyard mix chicken eggs on Wednesday, January 20th. @Math
got an update o n your candles? what day is lockdown?
abbeville oz Just set my very first eggs in the incubator last night. Praying we don't loose power due to the snow and ice storm. Silkies and BO crosses. @abbevilleoz
  did your electric stay on? Hope all is well @abbevilleoz
  got an update? when is lockdown date?
shahtir101 Just set 8 more serama eggs 1/23 got an candle update, when is lockdown, how did the show go? @shahtir101

S5apiotrowski incubator warehouse incubator.   I have 3 welsummer eggs, 18 BCM, 2 easter eggers, and 5 mixed breed (BCM and Cochin cross, father is ??) @S5apiotrowski
what is lockdow n date>?
MotorcycleChick 24 Easter eggers due the 12
PHAGE 5 dozen eggs for a friend (tolbunt, mottled orps, Swedish flower hen, swedish black hen, BCM, Lav ameraucana, and a bunch of other newer breeds from GFF), 2 dozen gifted "eating eggs" from same friend (yea right like I am gona eat them)  1 dozen Costco "pasture raised" brown eggs 1dozen Vons "pasture raised" brown eggs 2 doz shipped eggs -jubilee orp and lemon cuckoo niederrheimers. Sadly have very low expectations here - one was broken and 10 have mobile air bubbles. They are in the bottom shelf but 99.99999% sure they have no chance of developing. The rest have saddle airsacs.
Chicken HAwk33  set 40 41 set.10 blood ring and thirty alive and going strong eggs set 1/23 
Jessimom 3 shipped SF's and 2 shipped Cochins looked questionable.  Another SF - air cell was in the pointy end.  I put all 6 in lock down in an egg carton, air cell up.  But, 8 SFs and 7 Cochins look good and went in on their sides.  I have 8 of my silkie eggs due to hatch 2/12 and 12 shipped Blue/Splash silkies and 2 shipped Buff Brahma eggs set to hatch 2/20.  I have I have 14 more Buff Brahmas and 7 shipped Biefilder/Cream Legbar cross eggs to set on Friday.  I had just 1 Salmon Favorelle hatch. Gotro17 had such a great hatch, I'm trading her a bunch of silkie eggs for one of her babies to be a buddy to mine!!! I've upped my Temps by 1/2 a degree to see if that helps. I do have 6 of my own silkies set to hatch on the 12th. That will be my test. The bator is full of others, set to hatch the 27th or so. 
jwlpoultry 100 eggs due to hatch Wednesday 1/27 and 30 next monday 2/1. About to check my hatch for Wednesday and see if I need to remove any. @jwlpoultry
got upates for us?
Friday Yet 5 Russian Orloff, 3 Orloff/EE and 5 Orloff/Cream Legbar.Hatch is due on 2/14 - Valentine's Day. Four were pulled from the fridge and will be a day later, if they are good.  andled today and have 13/16 looking good with 3 clears.  Will leave them in for 3 more days just in case, and pull them on day 10. 
DHetzle 104 chicks total hatched last weekend. Put 101 eggs into lockdown for this weekend.
- changed out one heating element in the newly built cabinet incubator (trying a PTC heater for improved safety)
- ordered a new Dickey incubator for a hatcher
HeatherMarieRUpdate on Muscovy hatch: One has been internally pipped for 48+ hrs. I made a safety hole right above its bill yesterday afternoon. 3 are for sure DIS. One was trying to pip internally yesterday. I'll have to check on that one when I get back home. Two more are still hanging on with no internal pip. One egg from my Muscovy hen went into lockdown yesterday. Hopefully it will pip soon.
fresnofarmer I have officially set my 2 dozen grocery store eggs at 1/29/2016 8:45pm pst
Benny aka Akrnaf2 4 rumples Aracaouna,and 4 Partridge Plymouth rocks, this is tge first time that I h@ave bilt a bator! 1/29
Newchics blue/golden phoenix eggs I bought. First time getting shipped eggs  1/30
NTBugtraq 1/30 50 eggs into each tray this time, achieving the Brinsea Ova Easy 100 suggested limit. These eggs come from my own layers, who are first generation offspring of pure Black Copper Marans Roosters mated with a dual purpose bird resembling a Red Sexlink. These birds are inbreeds, as they are mating with their own fathers. The oldest layer is ~34 weeks old, the youngest only 24 weeks.
Bubbles1234 Set 15 (so much for 5 ) eggs, 7 EE and 8 BSL. Roos are silkie and sultan  Set 5:10 PST on January 30th! @Bubbles12345
are your eggs moving yet LOL
country lovin One leghorn was a blood ring and 4 Olive eggers were clears. Two go into lockdown on Monday and 13 go into lockdown next Sunday. 5 Barred Rock, 7 Barred Rock mixes, and 4 Olive Eggers that are on day 4 1/31 One leghorn was a blood ring and 4 Olive eggers were clears. Two go into lockdown on Monday and 13 go into lockdown next Sunday.2/14 
daxigait 1/31 Set 66 eggs last night. I have my fingers crossed for fertility after my roos were sick.

Possible Lavenders I this time  as my Lavender Orpington pullets started laying four weeks ago.
howfunkyisurchicken I have 7 more eggs due to hatch tomorrow 2/2 silkies
bauerdog Shipped eggs AND refrigerated fertile grocery eggs. 14 day candle complete. Removed one clear and 4 quitters out of the dozen refrigerated fertile grocery eggs and 11 remaining shipped eggs that the post office handled badly. So 18 embryos out of 23 set for my first ever incubator hatch!
campinshaws 9! All honas! Due the 24th
billiejw8912 Buff orpington eggs set 2/3
Tao Chick 7 Brabanter, 5 Pavlovskaya, and three from my pullets due2/26
mrleeroyset more eggs. 8 due to hatch on 2/25. Hatching the blue ones this time

Did my candle, 2 blood rings (confirmed by cracking) and one with veins and another with a moving black dot. The rest were all pretty clear, no obvious veining, but nothing saying they were not alive. Down to 13, 8 BSL and 5 EE.

The one with the blood ring I had accidentally put upside down, it was a very round egg. BUT, when I cracked it, I could see eyes on the embryo! Sad, but very cool. The other blood ring was just a ring and no baby. Sorry, I didn't get pics of the dead ones. On another EE, there was a light ring ish thing, but I left it as I was not sure that it was not veins.
The one with definite veining is a EE, the mover is a BSL.
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Automatic or Wafer?

Either. Could probably do a wafer for a Ben.
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Well if you didn't spend so much time dusting coyotes.................:gig

RIGHT! :highfive:

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Originally Posted by jwlpoultry

I havent seen @Sally Sunshine Where is she???

:frow getting behind while trying to help lol  whats your update I will do it now!





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Wow, everyone posts too fast, can't keep up. Had to brave Los Angeles traffic AND all the UCLA students for a Dr appt for my kid. Came home and did another float test on 5. One wiggled. I pipped it. It bled. It's heart was beating, but no chirping, no attempt to move. It didn't survive.

Does it look full term? Sorry about the gross picture.

no its not quite feathered is it?

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@Sally Sunshine

Just set 18 Auracana
Four silkie eggs - 1 Malpoed DIS, 3 late quitters. 0 hatch.
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Either. Could probably do a wafer for a Ben.

What kind of Automatic controller do you like to use?

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And do your eggs turn automatically?

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No no no i blamed u first

First is the worst!! :P

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@Tao chick is this what you mean?
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