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It was great today, 31 for a high, spent the day at the local winter fest with my daughters and grandkids. Supposed to stay mild for the week, and then rain Friday.
You still freezing there?
sounds exactly like our weather...was in upper twenties today...40's and rain for Friday
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Hey @Sally Sunshine

Can you post the updates page fer me


PURTY Please? :love

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Agreed! Tim Conway was the best. He could crack up Carol & Harvey every time! gig.gif

Who was the radio announcer on Hee Haw? Wasn't that Harvey Korman?

3 Little Red Hens (RSL),1 big BCM rooster , & a raft of their youngin's

Not but 3 kinds of snakes I'm afraid of; big ones, little ones, and live ones

Have Crappie rod, will travel

Call me Ken,Whites, Whitey, or Red Dog; just don't call me late for supper

3 Little Red Hens (RSL),1 big BCM rooster , & a raft of their youngin's

Not but 3 kinds of snakes I'm afraid of; big ones, little ones, and live ones

Have Crappie rod, will travel

Call me Ken,Whites, Whitey, or Red Dog; just don't call me late for supper

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CC!  What's cookin'?
Just had to go wipe the snow off the dish; couldn't get on.  I can only imagine what you have to go through

Spent the day with my grandkids, we all had a blast, toboggan rides, sleigh rides, ice climbing, and canoe races on the frozen river!
Don't have the snow issue with our net, our service is line of sight, and our receiver is on a sixty foot tower, with spruce trees all around for wind break.
Satellite:he tv on the other hand.....he.gif

I post too slow


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Originally Posted by S5apiotrowski View Post

Cleaned everything up this afternoon.  The last one was having a hard time breathing - I did follow the "assist" instructions to give it a chance, but it wasn't going to bust out of the shell.  On the positive side, I did my taxes while waiting... 

I'll have my accountant hustle through mine if you write the check.


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Who was the radio announcer on Hee Haw? Wasn't that Harvey Korman?

Don harron?

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By golly, would you look at this?!?!?!?!

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I have to share a pic of my 2 new serama babies I got yesterday from a fellow BYC member ♡
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EVERYONE ordering EGGS for the HAL! DONT FORGET TO REQUEST HOW YOU wish your eggs collected and shipped!! see post #55042

on suggestions and also where to find eggs!




2/15/16 5PM


Monday, February 15

Washington's Birthday (Presidents Day) 2016 

presidents-day.jpg  Presidents-Day-2014.jpg

Presidents’ Day is an American holiday celebrated on the third Monday in February. Originally established in 1885 in recognition of President George Washington, it is still officially called “Washington’s Birthday” by the federal government. Traditionally celebrated on February 22—Washington’s actual day of birth—the holiday became popularly known as Presidents’ Day after it was moved as part of 1971’s Uniform Monday Holiday Act, an attempt to create more three-day weekends for the nation’s workers. While several states still have individual holidays honoring the birthdays of Washington, Abraham Lincoln and other figures, Presidents’ Day is now popularly viewed as a day to celebrate all U.S. presidents past and present. read more here








  whites bday Feb 19th,  DAX 3/5,  S5apiotrowski 3/8, karenerwin 3/14, Shahtir101March 22nd,   country lovin March 24th


Making Bators~ I need updates to keep adding to our notes sections  canadachickens, fire 4th cabinet, silverhair, fresnofarmer, mrleeroy you need to start one! CliftonFarmer cooler, chickenlove cooler, lazyacre  cooler, shahtir101 coolerbator


Coop expansions:

Silverhair, chaos18, hippiestink,Fire Ant Farm




NestingHillsSC Got 40 out of 42. Aussies, Buff Brahmas, Ameraucana and Barred Rocks and Sex Links I think,. I really should have marked the sex link eggs.Now I have no clue whats what. Have more going into the hatcher Thursday for Monday. I have a weekly schedule. lol.

granny hatchet 2/10 I put 50 eggs in today and had room for 22 more. LOL I opened all of todays eggs as it was freezing out and didnt see any thing watery. no ice  except for the fact I have an egg eater and found a frozen yolk.   they will be due March 3rd.

Fire Got all the breeders separated back into their pens. So we will be incubating heavy here in the next couple of weeks.

Sally setting every week and a few in between, have ducks in, serama, marans, legbar, projects, misc

J&TRanch 1/12/16  12 self blue Cochin bantams (shipped) day 3 (going to candle today to see how many are viable).... And 18 eggs arriving in the mail tomorrow @J&Tranch  My shipped self blue bantam Cochins are doing good. I had to throw out a stinker and a seeper 😟 So out of those 10 remaining, 7 are developing nicely 😀 They're on day 7.  I ended up receiving 16 shipped from GA, they looked good considering the single digit temps- only 3 saddles and none cracked. They're on day 3 today, will candle Wednesday maybe. 

Saris10 (+2) Bielefelder eggs. going to set 2/12!

TJ I've started up the Mind reading Bator again! It has Guinea eggs and two silkied Serama eggs in it. Not sure yet if the Guinea eggs are fertile.

My R-com is full of shipped Serama eggs from a couple different sources, all were shipped and almost all are messed up.

Casportsponyday 34 for the Muscovy eggs and it looks like I have one external pip, two internals. One of the eggs have a huge "bruise" at the bottom of the shell, so I doubt it's still alive.

LocalYokel 13 Dominicker   5 Leghorn, may be White or Brown, mostly Whites in that coop.(Not the cheery oldish dude Whites)  Hope the Doms and Leghorns are fertile.

7 RIR 2 out of 3 eggs under broody bator are alive/developing, 1 RIR 1 Leghorn, tossed the other.

4 out of 5 Leghorn in bator showing veins!

Some of the RIR look porous.

Hard to tell on the Dom eggs because my flashlight batteries are low, But I can see some developing.

Got a better cage for the broody!

Canadachickens  Just set 18 Auracana  Four silkie eggs - 1 Malpoed DIS, 3 late quitters. 0 hatch.

Venymae    @venymae got an update? hope your ok!  Salmon Favorelles and 11 shipped Cochin eggs on 1/15.  On day 8, only 4 of the Favorelles looked good, but 8 of the Cochins did -- I left them all in the 'bator.   I added 10 of my own silkies on 1/23. 

gotro17 Shellee lavender Orpington shipped egg issue,Papa's Poultry. Jeff- you rocked it! Not one crack! Thank you!!! We have Bielefelders, Crested CL, BBs Marans and Mottled Lavender Orpingtons, along with some surprises from the rainbow pen! Can't wait!!!5 Marans eggs were cracked 👎. However, all frizzles and lavender Orpingtons were intact. Vital Farms eggs I got at Target, along with some silkies from our new friend from down the road, @Jessimom... We are setting tomorrow for a Feb. 6th hatch day.  29 eggs go into lockdown tomorrow!!! Start honing your master Jedi skills of distraction and calm. I don't have a styrofoam carton to put the eggs, needing to be upright, in...but I do have plastic  2/3

ChickaLong  Hatched 28, 16 boys and 10 girl black sex links. 2 RIR X BR. 1 girl lost today. Added 20 RIR and 5 astrolops from a hatchery

Hawk12 none of my last batch made I. I'm trying to pretend it never happened. I had the temp set too low and humidity too high. It was rough 😢 My current batch should hatch this Saturday. I have 9 that are still kicking. They are brahmas again. Trying to get a big enough breeding stock. Right now I don't have a rooster and there will be no breeding without one

deserteggs22Update on my eggs in the incubator on day 7: all 7 of the eggs have moving babies in them!!! YAY! I will do another update on day 14. @deserteggs22 when is lockdown date?

Mirajane 10 white leghorn eggs, as I've said, my dad will only eat white eggs, so I bought some white eggs for him, so I can hatch them and raise them for him. They were shipped, 5 are good, 5 have detached air cells. Sat out for a full day before being put in incubator. Also put in 11 of our eggs from... @Mirajane when is lockdown date?

Peachickie 4/4 silkies hatched   2/4 mutts hatched  Hearing some chirps this mornin, fingers crossed

Auroradream26 My bator still had 2 pipped turkey eggs in it. Hoping they hatch overnight. By Tuesday, it'll have the next set on lockdown

macylee 1/19/second week of my first incubation attempt! I have 40 eggs, 3 Swedish Isbars and 5 Cream Legbars, 2 RIR/EE eggs, a few RIR/Golden Comet eggs and the rest are RIR/Black Sex Links.  @macylee How is your bator and eggs doing? 

ambe0487 2/1 I put the eggs in lockdown this morning because I will be busy getting ready for the snow storm that is suppose to hit over night here, day 18 actually starts at 3 p.m. 29 eggs, which comprise of 6 Isa brown/Legbar mix, 9 EE/ Bresse mix, and 14 Buff Orp.
Fire Ant Farm CL hatch was 14 out of 15 set, with one put down after assist. The one with splay leg had his widdle itty bitty brace come off today (today was day 4). Doing well (a bit of a wide stance, but getting around great), as are all the remaining 13, including three that I helped out. 

The NNs are on day 16 today. After Joey completely creeped me out with his clown gore, he made it up to me by advising me on the too big air cells. After 48 hours, no appreciable growth in them, so leaving it at 50% until lock down (then will push to 65%). He was forgiven. :D

scottcaddy 2 different broodies on eggs at about day 10 1/20

slordaz barnyard mix, now RIR is matured too we are gonna play guess whose the daddy game as both roosters were on all of the hens, patiently trying to get spring here faster so can build the new coopsat 23 eggs at 2 am this morning 2/3 Lockdown is Wed Feb 10th (before bed) 6 are questionable 1  clear

19 looking good

Math I set backyard mix chicken eggs on Wednesday, January 20th. @Math got an update o n your candles? what day is lockdown?

shahtir101 Also I have been helping a chick for 2 days and it finally hatched!

S5apiotrowski incubator warehouse incubator.   I have 3 welsummer eggs, 18 BCM, 2 easter eggers, and 5 mixed breed (BCM and Cochin cross, father is ??) Putting my eggs on lock down.   I have 23 eggs left in the incubator. 2/10 .    I have 23 eggs left in the incubator.  Air cells still look a bit small, but all have grown - some a lot more than others since day 14.  ...Were at day 19.  No Pips yet - not really expecting any until tomorrow.2/10

MotorcycleChick Of 24 eggs set; 2 clear, 1 early quitter. 21 went to lockdown. 18 born, 3 DIS.

PHAGE Incubation update - I tend not to candle often - just once at about 10 days and maybe at lockdown. So, from memory at day 10..

 "Eating eggs"  gifted  from friend  22/24 developing

Purebred eggs for same friend about 34/ 60 alive. Most did not develop. Of these about 8 were blood rings or large eggs with cracks that had died (didn't candle before setting).

Shipped badly scrambled eggs only  2/24 developing.

Store bought "pasture raised" eggs 0/24 - oh well it was a long shot.

So basically about 58 eggs made it to day 10: 22 mutt, and 38 pure breed. 

I have been doing pretty dry hatches for the last year or so - add water just twice (day 7 and day 14) before lockdown. Humidity runs about and 32% without water (basement in costal San Diego).  At lock down humidity is about 60% with water added. 

The DIS chicks always used to look too wet, and this dry incubation greatly reduced the DIS rate.

I also try to plan  hatches for when at work to reduce "incidence" of bator opening. This usually results in excellent hatch rates, and I rarely "assist".

Chicken Hawk33  CH 21 hatched of 27 in lockdown


I had a zero hatch rate in my 6 silkie eggs.  I float tested yesterday, they were viable, but no noticable movement.  I candled and tapped the shells, no chirping, no visible movement.  I pipped the shells and again, NO SIGNS OF LIFE.   

I have a full bator with staggered hatches in my other bator.  I'm going to sterilize the Incuview.  run it a few days and set it up with the egg turner.  When it's time for the first hatch to lock down, I'll take out the egg turner in my LG, up the humidity and hatch in that. Use the Invuview for the earlier eggs.  

jwlpoultry Out of the 100 I had around 75 hatch. on 2/1 24 of 30 hatched, I have 5 Rhodebars and 6 barnyard mix that are 9 days in due to hatch 2/20 also sat 6 more Rhodebar and a barnyard mix today for a 2/29 hatch and 2 goose eggs for a 3/8 hatch  I just sat 80 Barred Rock eggs also due 2/29

Friday Yet 5 Russian Orloff, 3 Orloff/EE and 5 Orloff/Cream Legbar.Hatch is due on 2/14 - Valentine's Day. Four were pulled from the fridge and will be a day later, if they are good.  andled today and have 13/16 looking good with 3 clears.  Will leave them in for 3 more days just in case, and pull them on day 10. 

DHetzle Currently have 200 eggs hatching (heard a lot of peeping this morning before I left for work) and 515 more in the incubators for the next 2 weeks. I will be loading another 300 or so tonight.

HeatherMarieRordered a dozen Ancona duck eggs, and they went in the incubator today. I received 13 eggs, but one was cracked. I tried to fix it with candle wax, but I don't know if it will work or not since I've never tried it before. I've started misting my eggs with a 50/50 mix of water and Gold Listerine before I put them in the incubator to disinfect them. Hopefully that with increase my hatch rate. I'm hoping that these guys will be much easier to hatch than my Calls and Muscovies that I usually try to hatch. *fingers crossed*

fresnofarmer I have officially set my 2 dozen grocery store eggs at 1/29/2016 8:45pm pst Yesterday was day 14 2/12 candled and 1 of the questionable was still developing the other definite early quitter thew it out still have 7 going strong out of the fertile dozen trader Joe eggs So day 18 starts in 3 hrs... but my 20 month old decided to unplug the incubator at some point today 😭 just noticed it got it back on the eggs got to around 70 or so I'll check it in a few hours to check for survivors... im praying it was only an hour or so ago

Benny aka Akrnaf2 4 rumples Aracaouna,and 4 Partridge Plymouth rocks, this is tge first time that I h@ave bilt a bator! 1/29

Newchics blue/golden phoenix eggs I bought. First time getting shipped eggs  1/30

NTBugtraq 1/30 50 eggs into each tray this time, achieving the Brinsea Ova Easy 100 suggested limit. These eggs come from my own layers, who are first generation offspring of pure Black Copper Marans Roosters mated with a dual purpose bird resembling a Red Sexlink. These birds are inbreeds, as they are mating with their own fathers. The oldest layer is ~34 weeks old, the youngest only 24 weeks.

Bubbles1234 AKA BantychooksCandled 13, (8 BSL, 5 EE) 3 possible blood rings left in because they could be veins, I'm not sure. All the brown are clear looking, but left them in anyway as I might be wrong. 2 had a yellowish tinge and looked scrambled. I cracked them, and it looked like my breakfast!   
ONE lone EE egg, the same one I saw veins in last candle, has what appears to be a HEAD near the air cell! Looks very alive!
The brown one I thought I saw movement in still has the same brown spot, my conclusion is it is a spot in the yolk and I accidentally shook it so it moved.
country lovin  aka Ty The 14. Went into lockdown today. 2/14 Out of the 9 olive eggers 5 we're clears leaving 4 OE and 2 marans on day 7

daxigait 1/31 Set 66 eggs last night. I have my fingers crossed for fertility after my roos were sick.
Possible Lavenders I this time  as my Lavender Orpington pullets started laying four weeks ago.down the 48 after candeling.

howfunkyisurchicken I have 7 more eggs due to hatch tomorrow 2/2 silkies

bauerdog It looks like 7 chicks will be the final count. The grocery store eggs are DIS probably. I did an exploratory opening on 2 and they had died. I apparently had a huge drop in humidity while at work. The last live chick was shrinkwrapped and had to be assisted.

campinshaws 9! All honas! Due the 24th Sally all 9 of my honas looked good. We couldn't detect movement in two of them, might wind up being early quitters. Their veins looked a bit faded.

billiejw8912 Buff orpington eggs set 2/3

Tao Chick 7 Brabanter, 5 Pavlovskaya, and three from my pullets due2/26 I did a Day 10 candle. One of mine was clear and one of the shipped eggs had a blood ring. The other 13 look good. The turner is pretty good but I guess I won't know for sure until we get to hatch day. The air cells were growing a bit too fast so I added some water to boost the humidity to 45%. 2 a.m. tonight is half way.

mrleeroyset more eggs. 8 due to hatch on 2/25. Hatching the blue ones this time Candled the 8 eggs last night and it looks like one of them will not be hatching for sure and another had a crack on the pointy end of the egg(not sure how I missed that...) but is still developing normally. Also set 33 more eggs 2/11...Just the usual barnyard mix. My EE rooster that I had decided to get too mean a couple weeks ago (he became dinner) so his DNA is slowly being phased out and now I just have the Cream Brabanter rooster on those hens. Hens are RIR, SLW, BA, and EE. Barnyard mutts with hairdos it is

caeti21 4 ftp ameraucanas mix in the bator ( one doesn't seem to be fertile but im keeping an eye on it)

16 ftps silver laced wydottes mix one looks non fertile again keeping an eye on it

4 la floure mixes idk if my serama roo is the daddy or the ftp is so it will be a surprise i guess

13 eggs will be going into lockdown on Wednesday
8 will be the following week
5 after that
3 then 3 following that

chicknlove 2/9 DAY 18 +17/21 going into lock down in the Coolerbator and +15/24 in the Styro.. Locked them in nice and tight 2/9 Woke up to 10 babes in the Cooler and 10 babes in the Styro..2/12 DAY 21 here. In the Styro corner we have 8/8 local eggs hatched and 4/7 shipped eggs hatched and 3 pips! In the Coolerbater we have 7/9 shipped and 6/8 local eggs hatched. I don't see any pips in the cooler but my visibility is not great. yay for hatch day!

studio chick  .  I candled tonight (day 10)  I have eight going great and 10 clear, the air cells are still a little small for my liking.  2/10

Sassy Hens1 Day 18 lock down on the marans here. 16 out and dry. 14 more to go. No pips in the last hour. 2/12   2/13 No pips overnight on the last 10+ to go.

butterfliesdoku  have 46 eggs in the incubator right now, they are barnyard mixes and Easter Eggers with a due date of February 24th. Today is day 6 and so far I've candled 27 and of those candled 19 have active little embryos!vI was going to pull clears and quitters tomorrow but decided to go ahead today. Today is day 9. I had 12 infertiles and 1 quitter. There's 4 I'm not too sure about but I'll check those again around day 16   2/12

sarah25bear So last night I started 41 eggs in my incubator this is my first time doing this so hopefully things go well they are just farm chicks my hens are Rhode Island Red and barred rocks and my rooster is a partridge Cochin ... So here goes!!!

CyndiD I have10 WH duck eggs being shipped to me next week. Is there a site I can read that will help me prepare the eggs for incubating?

kissofcrimson my first little baby chick hatched!! Now I'm anxious to make sure he/she doesn't burn to death under the heat lamp or die for some unknown reason. I've only got two eggs ready right now (started with 6 and they were my test eggs) but it doesn't hatch for the next 2 days.

S5apiotrowski Anastasia aka AC 13/18 BCM Hatched.  1 non-pipper, 1 early quitter, 3 died after pipping (humidity too high, eggs rolled by other chicks, I think the drowned) 2/3 Welsummers Hatched.  One still alive/working on it, has plenty of air, but breathing looks difficult.  Don't think it will make it. 
1/2 Easter Eggers hatched.  1 was a clear.
1/5 mixed breeds hatched.  3 clear.  1 died in shell - mal-positioned and pip didn't break through internal membrane. 

UrbanFarmOC Thanks to @sallysunshine for all your articles and advice, and to others here sharing your experiences! We hatched in a bator for the first time and got a 100% hatch rate (we set 9 eggs)!! We used a used basic still air Hovabator I got off of Craigslist and built our own hand turner. We didn't actually plan on it, but we ended up with Valentine babies!!!

TrilliumAcres  Thanks to your answers a few day ago and all the very valuable info that Sally Sunshine has put together I have 5 babies in the incubator with 2 eggs to go. First pip yesterday morning and first chick at around 6 pm last night. I woke up to 3 more chicks this morning and one more just hatched a few minutes ago. This is my first chick hatch ever and I am so excited! So THANK YOU ALL! Your wisdom is greatly appreciated!

Meaghan Just put two duck eggs in the incubator this morning 2/15. First time experimental hatch! 

I set literally 10 or so breeds/mixed breeds. I got eggs from friends and my girls. There are 50 eggs total.






I am told there was an issue on another thread so I want to be sure everyone understands when posting that its in the best interest to ALL of us, BYC being a site for anyone ranging from 13+ NEVER ask the age of a youngster, gender or other personal information. 


And for those that are young, PLEASE FOLLOW THESE RULES AS WELL:  Do not post overly personal information like your phone number, address, age, or any other overly personal info.  Minors especially should not post information that will identify them or their age.






Changes to Antibiotics Regulations Coming December 2016 most will need RX   post #53348 

By Dr. Mike Apley     List of Affected Applications/MEDICINES CLICK HERE








pdf GQF Cabinet incubators MANUAL, DIAGRAMS and parts.

GFQ Turner Supplemental Maintenence Manual with detailed images

Rotisserie motor considered using with a timer chkncanoe  CLICK HERE

chicknloves cooler bator build! post #29855 post #30597 post #39395 post #53853



Alettertoeggshippers.doc 30k .doc file

ShippingEggsTheSallySunshineWay.docx 175k .docx file

note these files are still a work in progress, thank you @Chaos18 for creating them

post #40168



How Sally Sunshine Incubates SHIPPED EGGS post #53845

Use your Turner for storing eggs post #53551

Day 14 candles post #246 post #1086 post #1236 post #6658 post #17688  post #20586 post #45809  post #46316 post #53736 post #53970


Chick Air Sac Rupture image of sacs post #54382

EGGTOPSYS &  REMINDERS IF YOU WANT US TO HELP SEE post #2140   post #42654 post #44923  post #45013 post #54834


Fenbendazole Wormer including paste equine wormer post #52183


S5apiotrowskis homemade 5 gal food saver feeder post #52385

Organic Chick Starter Feed Recipe  &   Fermented Feed (FF)   CLICK HERE

CHICKEN FEED:Feed Recipes, Rations, Formulas ~Modern and Traditional

Homemade Non-GMO and Organic Chicken Feed Mix

Chicken Treat Chart


Joey Breeder Pens post #48041   post #51491 post #54274

Chickencanoe:Predator guards post #54824  SITE LINK click HERE


Caponize your roosters How to caponize a rooster Warning Graphic pics  &  post #39979  VIDEO post #54418




Sigrid Van Orts book




Incubating Duck eggs

How much Cold can a DUCK take?

Quail DIY Turner post #51866

Quail incubation Chart post #51866



Hatching Quail Eggs

Coturnix Quail Basics- Information and Pictures Galore click here 

Effect of relative humidity on incubation of Japanese quail eggs click here

Quail Nutritional Facts post #51866

Quail Coffee grounds dust baths misc dust baths post #51866


Canadian Snow taffy post #55173

BYC Under age RULES reminder FOR ALL AGES! READ  post #53361

Warm Hands and Feet post #53261 post #53243

Snow roof removal tool post #54241

mine project post #53295 post #54722 new coolerbators post #53649

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Darn that warm weather just won't stay away
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By golly, would you look at this?!?!?!?!


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