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Thank you!!! Mike.

 My daily ramblings on about nothing



If you can't laugh at yourself who can you laugh at.


I speak in silly and smartypants....


A picture is always worth showing.

 My daily ramblings on about nothing



If you can't laugh at yourself who can you laugh at.


I speak in silly and smartypants....


A picture is always worth showing.

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Originally Posted by lindalouly View Post

Thank you!!! Mike.

You're welcome! :highfive:

HALLOWEEN Hatch-a-Long 2016

Incubating w/Friends Thread  & NOTES section click HERE  



Poultry: Icelandic Chicken Flock, and Guineas

Dogs: 3 Icelandic Sheepdogs and a Schipperkee

Goats: A small, fun herd of Nigerian Dwarf Goats

HALLOWEEN Hatch-a-Long 2016

Incubating w/Friends Thread  & NOTES section click HERE  



Poultry: Icelandic Chicken Flock, and Guineas

Dogs: 3 Icelandic Sheepdogs and a Schipperkee

Goats: A small, fun herd of Nigerian Dwarf Goats

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Originally Posted by Sally Sunshine View Post

"Springing in the Chicks"

  2016 April Hatch-a-Long

Hosted by Mike & Sally


Set Eggs
in April

EVERYONE is Welcome!



“Share a Laugh” Random Posting Thread

“Share Helpful BYC TIPS” Random Posting Thread

Chick Mug Shots

Selfies with Fowl

Fowl drawing Contest


3/4/16 8 PM Thursday  

Shipped Eggs = Change Of Plans! post #53845

BDAYS DAX 3/5,  S5apiotrowski 3/8, karenerwin 3/14, Shahtir101March 22nd,   country lovin March 24th

Making Bators:

Canadachickens, fire 4th cabinet, CliftonFarmer cooler,  lazyacre  cooler, shahtir101 coolerbator  louly coolerbator Bantychooks coolerbatMoor
Attimus bator build  post #57021 post #58232 post #59461 post #59887 post #63164 post #63581 post #64394
Joey Ur-ur-ur-ur post #58273
mrleeroy update post #57336
Chaos18 post #60710
tao chick post #63312

Taos genius microwave turner starting
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Coop expansions:

Silverhair, chaos18, hippiestink,Fire Ant Farm  @Fire Ant Farm
  do we get updated coop images? 

current to 2/26 at 12 pm


granny hatchet 2/10 I put 50 eggs in today and had room for 22 more. LOL I opened all of todays eggs as it was freezing out and didnt see any thing watery. no ice  except for the fact I have an egg eater and found a frozen yolk.   they will be due March 3rd. LOCKDOWN !  39 eggs. Some I cant see through so not knowing if they are good or not. 6 no good. 2 infertile, 2 stuck,

ChickenLady2014 aka Lisa jumping on the band wagon. Set 23 eggs in the bator tonight. 6 Icelandic, 6 SFH, 7 EE mixes, 2 Silkie & 2 Chantecler/EE x Ice mixes. Wish me luck, got get practiced up for EHAL. Also have 3 Icelandic on day 18 under my Silkiebator Got my EHAL eggs set 3/3 ~ 17 Legbar & 1 Silkie for a total of 18 @ChickenLady2014

Fire aka Hero always hatching! shoved 8 under a broody Cochin tonite. Be like fisheye surprise as those eggs I put under her were off the free range group. God only knows what combo they'll be.
Sally Sunshine Always hatching! cochin legbar marans ducks projects serama olive eggers etc.
NestingHillsSC  aka Tony always hatching!
Casportspony aka Kathy aka Kat always hatching
TJChickens aka TJ Alays hatching @TJChickens
hope all is ok!
PHAGE always hatching! 
Hatch update: lots hatched - about 50. Sorry I did not get a pic of them and now they are all gone.
BUT- there are about 30 in the bator on day 9 ish and about 100 waiting to go in tonight.

Breeds are:

Bcm, BF, CL, swedish black, dwarf olansk, mottled orpingtons, bss orps, and a bunch of other rare breeds.
Theses are not mine. Hatching then feeds my hatching addiction, and helps out my friend by hatching for her! Totally win win!
DHetzle always hatching
jwlpoultry aka Justin  Always Hatching!
3/6 2 Brown Chinese/ White Chinese goose eggs

3/7 30 Texas A&M quail set

3/11 19 Idaho Blueback Pheasants set Feb 18

3/12 13 Rhodebar, 7 barnyard mix, 3 Rhodebar/Lav orp

3/26 1 Brown Chinese/White Chinese goose egg

3/27 1 Toulouse goose egg

My eggs from MPC just arrived!! 4 Ameri-flowers, 4 Super Blue egg layers, 1 Easter egger, 2 Olive egger, 1 Blue/Black/Splash Maran and 2 Black Copper Maran
Canadachickens  aka cc 13 Auraucana went into lockdown day 17.

mrleeroy My update is a successful (3-day) hatch. Locked down 7 eggs and got 7 chickies! The other 32 are due 3/3.  Also I candled the eggs from set 2 yesterday (day 14) and didn't pull any of 32.

Saris aka Lacie   Day 14 update. I removed 8 eggs, I have 8 going strong from Chicken hill poultry and 17 going strong from Papa Brooder. So 25/33 shipped eggs going good.Day 20 and I see some wiggling, no pips yet. I am not feeling good about my chances now. On lockdown I saw many incomplete CAMs, apparently I am cursed with them....... So out of 25 eggs that I thought were perfect though with some small aircells I feel I will be lucky if I get 5 chicks.....😢 my Phoenix eggs are also late, I'm feeling very grumpy and disappointed.

LocalYokel aka Yokel 13 Dominicker   5 Leghorn, may be White or Brown, mostly Whites in that coop.(Not the cheery oldish dude Whites)  Hope the Doms and Leghorns are fertile.  7 RIR 2 out of 3 eggs under broody bator are alive/developing, 1 RIR 1 Leghorn, tossed the other.

4 out of 5 Leghorn in bator showing veins! I have 5 White Leghorns in the bator right now Due the 25th @LocalYokel
eggs arrive?

Venymae   possibly fried her eggs at 113 degrees!! OH MY @venymae
did you candle? got an update for here?

Daxigait Hatch 1: 3 ccl, 7 Swedish flower hens, and 8 EE that were set on the 7th. Hatch 2: set 2/22 12 Ameruacana, and 2 blue black splash English Orpingtons

Replacement chicks ordered for next week. 3/1 Lockdown on the first group (ccl, Swedish flower hens, and EE)!

gotro17 aka Shellee The surrogate hatch for @Jessimom was reasonably successful with 1 Brahma and 6 silkies. We have our theories the Brahma eggs may have gotten bacteria... I'm also pegging wonky humidity dips in the beginning. I tried the "dry" method until about day 14 when I couldn't stand 30 degree variables anymore. Back to what worked last hatch, keeping humidity around 38%...until lockdown then 68-70... Always 100 degrees.

Hawk12 aka Kristie I set brahmas and marans tonight. 3/3 Orpingtons will be set tomorrow and Sat. Total of 80 eggs. Hope it goes well 🐣@Hawk12

deserteggs227 eggs in lockdown all 7 still kicking 2/17   It's the morning of day 21 here,2/21 and all 4 of my Barnaul eggs are pipping. And my huge double yolker's air sack looks kinda funky. Is that normal?  @deserteggs22
  you set again?

Peachickie aka Nicole 100% hatch from the broodybator aka marshmallow the silkie. 4 silkies and 3 polish babies.

Auroradream26 aka Jess  Looks like my hatch is just about over. I still have 1 egg that's pipped and making noise in the bator but that's all that's left. I did a quick candle to all the others before pulling them and doing eggtopsies. Looks like 13 quitters. 4 about halfway, the rest, full term. I'm assuming they were too weak from the temp drop in the bator to actualy hatch. Most didn't even pip. If this last one hatches fine, I'll have 17 poults from the 30 eggs

ambe0487 2/1 I put the eggs in lockdown this morning because I will be busy getting ready for the snow storm that is suppose to hit over night here, day 18 actually starts at 3 p.m. 29 eggs, which comprise of 6 Isa brown/Legbar mix, 9 EE/ Bresse mix, and 14 Buff Orp. @ambe0487

Fire Ant Farm aka Kristin @Fire Ant Farm
all ok?

S5apiotrowski aka Anastasia aka AC @S5apiotrowski
did you set again?

Chicken Hawk33  aka CH aka Seth setting a goose egg 2/16   we have a goose four and we have a.heart.2/20 @chicken hawk 33
got update for this?

Jessimom aka Kathy  Ok, I set a 22 eggs last night, a mix of Silkie, Sizzle and Frilkies plus some Cream legbars.   I got them last week and really couldn't wait any longer.  They are in the death bator being hand turned, temps are holding right at 100.  My 4 silkies babies that hatched yesterday are still in the LG.    For the easter hal, I just received some Apenzeller Spitzhauben eggs and some bantam EEs  These will go in the LG.  

did you set more?

country lovin  aka Ty  2 marans and 4 Olive eggers are going into the the bator-in-the-box for lockdown! 4 marans and 2 Olive eggers are on day 10. 2/25v1 marans and 2 Olive eggers are in the bator-in-the-box for lockdown 3/3. Gonna try to fix a couple issues that should make the coolerbator run smoother for EHAL.

campinghaws aka campin aka Sharon  20 eggs in the bator and 6 under a broody. The 7 hona eggs are good. 11 EE eggs are good. Two clears. Down to 18 total. @campingshaws
i never added dates to these? got update please?


Tao Chick  I set 18 Cream Brabanters on 2/28.  The seller had sent them earlier than I expected so I scrambled to get them into my incubator.  :-(  I've already tossed 5 weeping eggs (I should've done so many things differently)  She agreed to send me some more.  I'm building an incubator out of a mini fridge.  I'll use the MacGyverBator as a hatcher depending on when/how eggs are doing.

caeti21 12 conturnix quail placed 2/21  24 rir eggs 2/21    @caeti21
candle update?

6 pth SLW (they are the slow developing ones )still alive and growing they were placed 1/30v

3 pth bantam mixes(1/30 for 1 ) 2/10 for two 

2 pth ameracauna eggs(2/5)(2/6)   Last night i was able to move a few of my 1/30 eggs into lockdown when i candled them they looked fully developed and were moving , so fingers crossed and i was able to move my normal lockdown ones in as well so here they are  2 pth americaunavvv5 pth slw  3 pth

butterfliesdoku aka Vanessa Well my hatch is complete (day 23). I have 26 beautiful baby chicks for a total hatch rate of 85%. Because all of the chicks BUT ONE have muffs that means the father of most was my Easter Egger and the father of the one chick was the Silver Sebright/ Thai mix.

Thank you!!! My next hatch is due the 8th  @butterfliesdoku
  how did candle go and do you have an update for this?

sarah25bear aka Sarah @sarah25bear
  did you set again?

CyndiD  I have10 WH duck eggs being shipped to me next week. Is there a site I can read that will help me prepare the eggs for incubating?

I have not received my SWH eggs yet!! tomorrow or the next day???

I will be setting SWH duck eggs and Pekin duck eggs.... AND Australorp over LH, WCBP and NH chicken eggs.

My SWH duck eggs should be here tomorrow and I will have to set them 1 week early for HAL, oops, ordered them 1 week too early... @CyndiD
update on eggies?

Meaghan Just put two duck eggs in the incubator this morning 2/15. First time experimental hatch!  I set literally 10 or so breeds/mixed breeds. I got eggs from friends and my girls. There are 50 eggs total. @Meaghan
how did this go? Got an update?

Math  I incubate with the LG 9200.I set backyard mixed chicken eggs on Monday, February 15th for friends of ours. I set an incubator full. I think it was 68. Our friends need to replace brown egg layers. @Math
how did it go?

bauerdog aka Joanne 3/3 just set my eggs for the HAL. 33 total, paint Silkie/showgirls, CCL, Sapphires, white leghorns, Isabelle leghorns, project blue duckwing leghorns, BBS Barred Rocks and BBS Copper Marans.

DON956 Just set 48 eggs at 12pm central time.  2/19 @DON956
  Did you candle again?

12 RIR  12 Delaware  12 Plymouth Barred Rock  12 Golden Sex Link  Due on the 11th of March,
45 eggs left but one has a hair thin crack but still developing and moving around inside ( don't know how I missed that one when setting them) 13 more days to go.

Chicknlvn . so it's my first time incubating. Today is day 7 so this morning I candled all my eggs (36 total), marked air cells and pulled blood ring/cracked eggs. Now for some reason I can't get my humidty to stabilize.... it's up to 38 and I can't get it to come down and stay down. @Chicknlvn
how is it going?

billiejw89 2/25   7 babies Hatched  @billiejw89
set more eggs?

kissofcrimson  @kissofcrimson
have you set more eggs?

Akrnaf2 aka Benny Sal. Count me in! Theis is my second setting! 4 Rumples Aracauna 5 BPR 3 PPR  This time I am hopping for an higer percentage, of sucsseful hatches!

Chaos18 Nothing currently in the bator but I have 16 Dom eggs shipping out on the 29th and will be picking up 16-24 (Silver Pencil Rock and Partridge Rock) eggs on the 4th. I currently have 12 Ancona eggs cooking on day 2.

Roada Red I have 14 of my flocks eggs in the incubator today is day 8 and they are starting to form and they are mixed with my EE rooster and americauna hen that is also mixed with barred rock salmon faverole and silver penciled rock  3/1 I have 14 chicken eggs I set a few days ago if that counts also

NaJoBeLe aka Nathan As far as status goes I plan to let my shipped eggs sit and recandle tonight. Will prbly try to set them this weekend. Need to clean out the bator and do some tweaking but should have a chance to get it ready by sat/sun. Plan at this point is to set the 12 Partridge Rock eggs I had shipped and do a staggered hatch with my Partridge Rock mixes for the HAL. First time with a staggered hatch so we will see how it goes. Should work out ok since I have the loose air cells I plan to use a egg carton and will use the auto turner for my eggs. Update on the shipped eggs with loose air cells..all but 3 seem to have reattached. Still plan to do the styro cartons with bottoms cut out for incubation.

pjnbill22 We put. 9 midget white turkey eggs down this evening and hubby just went in to check the temp/humidity before going to bed. Everything looks great, but he heard a tapping sound. There are eighteen chicks in the room, but they were all sleeping. There are also 30+ assorted chicken eggs due to hatch tomorrow or Saturday in another incubator- I guess we have an EE who wants to get the worm, because one egg has a good sized pip hole in it and it keeps rocking back and forth! We're going to bed excited as if we were going to be grandparents again! I can hardly wait for morning @pjnbill22
I never added when you set or due! have an update for us?

Mirajane  My Mille Fleur eggs came today from Georgia to here in California. All 12 are intact, and 3 have bad saddle cells, 2 others minor saddle cells, and they are looking great for such a long trip! My Ayam Cemani eggs I set yesterday, and 10 are in. @Mirajane
can you update this with due dates?

Cynthia12 Got my Shipped eggs today..anyone else get some EE eggs from the Hutson family in Colorado?   For the hatch a long?   Let me know..would love to compare as we go along with the hatch.   I can almost guarantee fertility on these.  Had 29 hatch out of 32 that went into lock down...they sent 36.

BantyChooks Setting some bantam eggs (Some of my own, some from a local source) on 3\5. (Easter HAL) I'm really hoping I have a good outcome this time!

lindalouly quail hatch I will be setting tomorrow at 4.. 11 eggs total in my bator...2/28

Shahtir101 I got me a broody serama! She has 3 eggs under her right now and my friend is going to bring me more serama eggs to put under her tomorrow! That means I won't set for the EHAL, but will still be around the same time.  Set 6 more serama eggs @shahtir101
when is this hatch due?

Finnie am running a practice batch of chicken eggs in a styrofoam cooler-bator I made over the weekend. (I didn't want to run a test hatch in the Incuview, and then have it occupied when the turkey eggs are ready.) Plus I was kind of curious to see if I could make a diy that really works, so I just did it. @Finnie
what did you set and when due? have update?

lozerface79 aka Matt 13 eggs and counting. We are calibrating the bator and putting the eggs in tonight! 3/3

howfunkyisurchicken aka Nichole  EMU!
Just got done weighing the emu eggs. Here's what's going on (I'm calling the eggs what they're marked, so CE, CH, CI and CQ):

CE-632g, needs to loose 94.8g (11.85g/week). Target end weight 537.2g.

CH-685g, needs to loose 102.75g (12.84g/week). Target end weight 582.25g.

CI-666g, needs to loose 99.9g (12.49g/week). Target end weight 566.1g.

CQ-598g, needs to loose 89.7g (11.21g/week). Target end weight 508.3g.
I'll weight them each Friday to check weight loss and adjust humidity accordingly. I'll start with 35% humidity and a temp of 95.5F near the center of the egg. That should put them hatching somewhere around 4/23, maybe a little before. I hope.

Changes to Antibiotics Regulations Coming December 2016 most will need RX   post #53348  By Dr. Mike Apley     List of Affected Applications/MEDICINES CLICK HERE

“The Bordeaux-Bator” Ozexpat build post #1495
Wine cooler incubator (Winner of the 2009 DIY incubator contest) Click HERE
Incu Warehouse heat won't go up
post #46629

Horizontal DIY Turner post #64675
DIY Quail Turner post #64682
Fertile Duck Egg Pics post #64686
Results Shipped SS Way post #63575 cree post #6321

Uhm, whut am I building!!?!?! gig.giflau.gif
Originally Posted by Sally Sunshine View Post

  see above

Originally Posted by Sally Sunshine View Post

Thanks Sally!! bow.gif
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Thread Starter 

Me thinks it says coolerbatMOOR!  hmmmm  more than just a coolerbator!!! YAYAYYAYAA

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Update @Sally Sunshine 3-3-16 day 7 candling. Started with 23 eggs, had 1 Icelandic egg not fertile, 2 Chant/EExIce mixes not fertile, 1 Silkie early death, 1 EE/Ice mixes not fertile & 4 SFH not fertile. So I have 16/23 eggs left. I also added 1 Silkie egg to the EHAL ~ for a total of 19. Thanks Sally hugs.gif
Life has a way of throwing us curve balls, but with Faith, Family & Good Friends, we can find a way to overcome them!
Life has a way of throwing us curve balls, but with Faith, Family & Good Friends, we can find a way to overcome them!
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Originally Posted by ChickenLady2014 View Post

Update @Sally Sunshine 3-3-16 day 7 candling. Started with 23 eggs, had 1 Icelandic egg not fertile, 2 Chant/EExIce mixes not fertile, 1 Silkie early death, 1 EE/Ice mixes not fertile & 4 SFH not fertile. So I have 16/23 eggs left. I also added 1 Silkie egg to the EHAL ~ for a total of 19. Thanks Sally hugs.gif

:hugs Gotcha Lisa! Thank you!  hope your day is going well!   @granny hatchet  you have another update? and you going to set for the April HAL with me???

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Originally Posted by lindalouly View Post

Benny is probably asleep... But I need to give him a huge thank you. I don't usually make soup.. But he talked me into making homemade chicken noodle for one very sick kid and another that got a deep filling put it... The response I got was... Ohhhhh mom, this is so goooood. This is how you need to keep making our soups... Brought tears to my eyes. Thank you Benny!!!! Someone tag him for me please.

I am so glad,, is he feeling better?

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Howdy, folks! I'm just not going to be able to keep up with the social chatter stuff here - 2000 posts behind, and SOOOO much work to do, here and at work. (So tag me if you need me!) But I thought I'd update:


My NIST calibrated thermometer and hygrometer finally arrived from Thermoworks (I even got certificates!) - it takes them some time to do the calibration. The Brinsea 20 Advance is all cleaned out and coming up to temperature and humidity in preparation for setting. Temperature is fairly close to accurate, which tracks with me checking it during the last hatch with a good thermometer (though it runs about a degree low at times). However, as I suspected, the Brinsea's humidity reading is 6-10% or more higher than the actual true humidity at the level where the eggs sit. (E.g., "30%" would mean ~20-22%, and "40%" means about 31% so far). This would explain both the rapidly growing air cells in my last hatch as well as the fact that several had trouble pipping. I'm going to keep tracking for a while - I will start at a higher humidity (about 40-45%) at first (these are blue eggs), then follow air cells to adjust, so I don't have to play catch up. I will also set the R-Com back up (gotta clean it out) as I may decide to use it to hatch. I'll set in a day or two, all Lissa's eggs (I'll probably set 8). Then no more for a long while, as I also have some chicks coming end of March (I'm actually going to try to time setting these eggs so the chicks are the same age as the ones arriving, since I will need to brood them all together.)


Meanwhile, the Cream Legbar chicks I hatched earlier are three weeks old (and really getting too big for their brooder - can't wait to get them outside). And one of the boys has started CROWING! I know CLs are precocious with that sort of thing, but THREE WEEKS??!!! Holy cannoli, I'm going to have a loud yard for a little while, I guess. Granted, while he makes all the right motions (and it's an unmistakable attempt at crowing), it pretty much sounds like someone stepped on a little squeeky toy. But I'm sure he'll get some volume soon. He pretty much crows in the mornings when he hears his Dad from outside. Sorta cute, actually...




- Ant Farm  


@Sally Sunshine - my update, of sorts. I'll try to get it entered myself in the article later.

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Ms,SALLY SUNSHINE, goose egg number one is on day 17,embryo growing big and very active do to hatch between the 15@19of March.eggs two too five are on day five.all have hearts.those are due to hAtch between the 28@31 of March.
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@Sally Sunshine - I don't have much in the way of updated images - I think I already posted when it was complete, not many changes since. But I AM spending all weekend feverishly putting together three tractor coops (finally finished the lumber prep tonight). I'll photo those when done. And I've already figured out that I need to clone my big Naked Neck coop that I just finished for a separate layer coop to accommodate the BCMs and olive eggers that are coming (as well as the Cream Legbars that don't have good auto sexing that I'm not putting in the CL group for further breeding). 


- Ant Farm

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