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Just wanna say hi. I'll be back later


It's going to be one of those days.

The voices in my head are fighting again.

My imaginary friend is running with scissors, and one of my personalities wandered off.


I don't like to think before I speak. I like to be just as surprised as everyone else about what comes out my mouth.


Sometimes even I am afraid of the things my mind comes up with.


Incu w/ Friends-helpful notes & links

It's going to be one of those days.

The voices in my head are fighting again.

My imaginary friend is running with scissors, and one of my personalities wandered off.


I don't like to think before I speak. I like to be just as surprised as everyone else about what comes out my mouth.


Sometimes even I am afraid of the things my mind comes up with.


Incu w/ Friends-helpful notes & links

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Originally Posted by attimus View Post
Originally Posted by Sally Sunshine View Post

   do you have images?    I am not sure what your looking at, your saying he ruptured the yolk sack?  he is in the shell how can you see its yolk?

HOW to POST PICs from a CELL PHONE / AP or browser see starting at post #1208
Updating avatar/profile picture HERE
Posting pictures onto the BYC Forum from laptop/desktop HERE 
Posting pictures from Cell/mobile HERE
how much area is on the inside?  I use a 64cfm in the reg coolers

I said we needed to chat?  my bad 
your not in trouble, are you feeling guilty? lau.gif

Morning Kat!!!
16x24x14, there's quite bit of variance in temp throughout on my calibrated thermos, even adjusting the node for the stat.

not much dif than a cooler then.... go with a 60's something cfm 

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Just wanna say hi. I'll be back later


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“Share Helpful Backyard Poultry TIPS”

A Random Posting Contest Thread!

"Springing in the Chicks"
 Hosted by Mike & Sally

When completed you may feel free to crack the egg in whatever way you'd like...You may need to sand down pieces of shells that may be hard to remove. You can be sure that this egg will never break if dropped.

DIY FAKE EGG by Pdjidesigner



Share any type of Helpful Tips, Inventions, Ideas, Money Saving Tips,  that relate to ANY AREA of Fowl Keeping, Incubation, Etc. that may be useful and help someone else!

If the idea was not your own, please credit the idea’s originator with a link or tag!


Shelving DIY Brooders by, cmom





No item too small! We can always have smaller items for 2nd /3rd places!

Hatching Egg Donations, Fowl items new/used in good shape, BYC GFM's, Amazon Gift Cert, BYC Certs, etc all great items to donate! What some of us do is purchase an item from Amazon and send it directly to the winner, just make sure they have plenty of the item in stock, example chicken rooster fowl mugs are always cool!you





3/10/16 5PM Wednesday  


karenerwin 3/14, MiraJane March 21st, Shahtir101 March 22nd,   country lovin March 24th, flocktastic  & Chickenwolf March 26

Making Bators:

Canadachickens, fire 4th cabinet, CliftonFarmer cooler,  lazyacre  cooler, shahtir101 coolerbator  louly coolerbator Bantychooks coolerbator

Attimus bator build  post #57021 post #58232 post #59461 post #59887 post #63164 post #63581 post #64394
Joey Ur-ur-ur-ur post #58273

mrleeroy update post #57336

Chaos18 post #60710


FireAntFarm aka Kristins Tractor coops post #67119



ChickenLady2014 aka Lisa EHAL ~ Day 7 candling results all 17 CCL are fertile, 2 might have a early blood ring started, will recheck day 14. My 4 contributed eggs not fertile, so my total is 17/21 day 7.    Oh almost forgot, fired up my hatching bator last night & set some test eggs for fertility of my Silkies & SFH. And had more Icelandic to go in. So I have 8 Icelandic, 4 EE mixes, 4 SFH & 12 Silkie eggs for a total of 28 set on 3/9/16 pm. Keeping fingers crossed that my Silkies have finally gotten back up to speed after all of their broodiness. These will be a challenge for the next week until my first bator goes into lockdown. This one doesn't have a fan & my 3rd hygrometer doesn't work well, but it will be, what it will be, lol.

Fire aka Hero always hatching! shoved 8 under a broody Cochin tonite.
Sally Sunshine Always hatching! cochin legbar marans ducks projects serama olive eggers etc.
NestingHillsSC  aka Tony always hatching!
Casportspony aka Kathy aka Kat always hatching
TJChickens aka TJ Always hatching

DHetzle aka Dennis  always hatching


PHAGE always hatching! 

Hatch update: lots hatched - about 50. Sorry I did not get a pic of them and now they are all gone.

BUT- there are about 30 in the bator on day 9 ish and about 100 waiting to go in tonight.
Breeds are:  Bcm, BF, CL, swedish black, dwarf olansk, mottled orpingtons, bss orps, and a bunch of other rare breeds.


jwlpoultry aka Justin  Always Hatching!

3/6 2 Brown Chinese/ White Chinese goose eggs
3/7 30 Texas A&M quail set
3/11 19 Idaho Blueback Pheasants set Feb 18
3/12 13 Rhodebar, 7 barnyard mix, 3 Rhodebar/Lav orp
3/26 1 Brown Chinese/White Chinese goose egg
3/27 1 Toulouse goose egg
Set my eggs for the Easter Hatch-A-long.
1 Brown/White Chinese goose egg set 2/26
1 Toulouse goose egg set 2/28
4 Ameri-flower
2 OE
1 EE
3 Maran
3 Lavender Orpington
20 Rhodebar
31 Barnyard mutts
10 Lavender Orp/ Rhodebar
3 LO/ Unknown breed Splash hens
With a grand total of 81 chicken eggs set around 12:30 p.m and 2 goose eggs

3/8 1 of 2 goose eggs have hatched and other is pipped.
7 quail chicks and I have 8 others in lockdown that havent showed any pip


Canadachickens  aka cc Set my eggs for Easter today.3/6
8 leghorn  8 Easter eggers 8 Columbian rocks 6 silkies
Saris aka Lacie I've set 37 eggs for the HAL!  Bantam Phoenixes and Ameraucanas!

LocalYokel aka Yokel 13 Dominicker   5 Leghorn, may be White or Brown, mostly Whites in that coop.(Not the cheery oldish dude Whites)  Hope the Doms and Leghorns are fertile.  7 RIR 2 out of 3 eggs under broody bator are alive/developing, 1 RIR 1 Leghorn, tossed the other.
4 out of 5 Leghorn in bator showing veins! I have 5 White Leghorns in the bator right now Due the 25th

Venymae  I set 24. EHAL Feeling much better. Only my belly button is still a little sore. Pops surprised me with 24 of his eggs that he wants me to hatch so The spouse and I fixed ugly and joined the Easter Hal. They will be more greenies. And that's that!


Daxigait Hatch 1: 3 ccl, 7 Swedish flower hens, and 8 EE that were set on the 7th. Hatch 2: set 2/22 12 Ameruacana, and 2 blue black splash English Orpingtons
Replacement chicks ordered for next week. 3/1 Lockdown on the first group (ccl, Swedish flower hens, and EE)!

gotro17 aka Shellee

Hawk12 aka Kristie Update: My total for the HAL is 79.

19 blue partridge and gold partridge brahmas

4 red orpingtons

4 red cuckoo orpingtons

3 silver partridge orpingtons

7 laced orpingtons

3 white orpingtons

25 choc/choc cuckoo orpingtons

2 jubliee orpingtons

12 black/blue copper marans


Peachickie aka Nicole Decided to set a dozen guinea eggs today, didn't have room in my cabinet incubator sooooo started up one of the backup 'bators

Auroradream26 aka Jess  3/8 32 turkey eggs on lockdown  HAL I set 101 eggs total

26 turkey (royal palms, mottled black, silver dappled)  9 silkies (shipped eggs)  66 chickens (ameraucanas, EEs, sex links, olive eggers)


Fire Ant Farm aka Kristin I just set 8 cream legbar eggs (all from Lissa) in the Brinsea.

S5apiotrowski aka Anastasia aka AC  I am setting 15 eggs tonight for the Easter Hatch-a-long.  I have 12 easter-eggers (some should be olive eggers) and 3 Barnvelder eggs - all from my flock.  Will be a little late - but almost decided against setting... I'll be moving soon


Chicken Hawk33  aka CH aka Seth setting a goose egg 2/16  goose egg number one is on day 17,embryo growing big and very active do to hatch between the 15@19of March.eggs two too five are on day five.all have hearts.those are due to hAtch between the 28@31 of March.

Jessimom aka Kathy  22 eggs set on 3/2 - a mix of Silkie/Sizzle/Frilkie and Cream Legbars  They started out in the Incuview, but are now in my LG.  Late on 3/5 we set 15 Blue Bantam EE's (Thanks TJ), 16 Spitzhauben eggs (Thanks Crazytalk), 19 of my own Silkie eggs and 6 Trader Joes eggs that I doubt are fertile, but I'm trying anyway.  These are all in the new Brinsea.  I added another 4 Trader Joes eggs in my LG.  So, a total of 60 eggs for the Easter HAL.  

HeatherMarieR I had one Ancona starting to hatch yesterday and 4 others still alive. I have quite a few Cochin eggs in the incubator, and some Muscovy eggs. My dogs killed my favorite Muscovy hen the other day, and I'm really hoping that I can hatch some of her eggs.
country lovin  aka Ty 1 marans 2 Olive eggers on day 19 put 35 mixes in on Thursday due to hatch on my bday and 5 mixes went in today!

caeti21 12 conturnix quail placed 2/21  24 rir eggs 2/21   3/9 Well i put the quail eggs over yesterday i had about 4 that looked iffy but i transfered them over anyways , my last lockdown i had a zero hatch out , but miller company sent my new temp controls out and i got them replaced so hopefully bad hatch run is done for rir eggs go in lockdown tomorrow
butterfliesdoku aka Vanessa My next hatch is due the 8th chicks hatching? @butterfliesdoku 

sarah25bear aka Sarah   My update is 41 eggs the farm chick variety of partridge Cochin rooster mating with rir hens and barred rock hens starting at 9pm tonight.


CyndiD  I received my SWH, I pulled the plug on them Sunay March 6th, they were all clear except for 1 blood ring. I received a 2nd batch of SWH today and will set them in 2 days.
I have in my bators right now:
12 Pekin duck
3 F/W Runner duck
2 Seabright
2 NH
7 LH
2 Wyan/Aus mix

Meaghan Just put two duck eggs in the incubator this morning 2/15. First time experimental hatch!  I set literally 10 or so breeds/mixed breeds. I got eggs from friends and my girls. There are 50 eggs total. @Meaghan how did this go? Got an update?

bauerdog aka Joanne 3/3 just set my eggs for the HAL. 33 total, paint Silkie/showgirls, CCL, Sapphires, white leghorns, Isabelle leghorns, project blue duckwing leghorns, BBS Barred Rocks and BBS Copper Marans.

DON956 Just set 48 eggs at 12pm central time.  2/19
12 RIR  12 Delaware  12 Plymouth Barred Rock  12 Golden Sex Link  Due on the 11th of March,

45 eggs left Went to lockdown yesterday with 45 eggs out of 48, yesterday afternoon we had severe weather and lost electricity for 5 hrs and my bator temp went down to 78 degrees. Any hope on my eggs to hatch?


Chicknlvn . so it's my first time incubating. Today is day 7 so this morning I candled all my eggs (36 total), marked air cells and pulled blood ring/cracked eggs. Now for some reason I can't get my humidty to stabilize.... it's up to 38 and I can't get it to come down and stay down. @Chicknlvn how is it going?

Akrnaf2 aka Benny Sal. Count me in! Theis is my second setting! 4 Rumples Aracauna 5 BPR 3 PPR  This time I am hopping for an higer percentage, of sucsseful hatches!



12 Ancona eggs (pulled two clear day 7) now have 10
16 Dominique eggs
16 Partridge Chantecler & Partridge Chantecler/Java mix

Total currently in bator 42


Roada Red I have 14 of my flocks eggs in the incubator today is day 8 and they are starting to form and they are mixed with my EE rooster and americauna hen that is also mixed with barred rock salmon faverole and silver penciled rock  3/1 I have 14 chicken eggs I set a few days ago if that counts also


NaJoBeLe aka Nathan Update. Pulled 8 out of the dozen shipped eggs. They were on day 7 and no veins at all. Cracked them open don't think they were fertile. Think this is just membrane right? First time with the eggtopsy stuff so i wasnt sure what to expect. Let me know thoughts please. Added 37 of mine for the Easter HAL.


pjnbill22 3/5 @ noon, Set:
12 assorted Silkie 5 Buff Laced Polish
10 Lavender Orpington (drove 2 hours each way last night for these)
2 chocolate Orpington (gifts from LO lady)
1 Jubilee Orpington (also a gift from LO lady)
3 Ameraucana (not EE)
2 mystery eggs- Ameraucana or EE, not marked, so we'll see
15 White Plymouth x EE aka barnyard mutt
3 Easter Egger
7 Midget White Turkey (set 2/27)
= 60 total- hoping for a bountiful hatch

3/7 set= Fertile eggs $5 a flat- big, small, white, tan, brown, green, blue. I bought a flat, brought them home and let them sit next to the nearly empty incubator for 2 hours. And then... Yes, I did it, I have an incubator full of "opportunity eggs" as of 8 PM Monday.


Mirajane  10 Ayam Cemani Eggs set March 1st, due March 3rd    12 Mille Fleur D'Uccle Eggs set March 3rd, due March 23rdA friend gave me 4 Mille Fleur eggs he wants hatched for him. The father could either be a Silver laced Wyandotte bantam or a Red Jungle Fowl, full sized. Going to set them tonight3/7


Cynthia12 Got my Shipped eggs today..anyone else get some EE eggs from the Hutson family in Colorado?   For the hatch a long?   Let me know..would love to compare as we go along with the hatch.   I can almost guarantee fertility on these.  Had 29 hatch out of 32 that went into lock down...they sent 36.

My Mille Fleur eggs came today from Georgia to here in California. All 12 are intact, and 3 have bad saddle cells, 2 others minor saddle cells, and they are looking great for such a long trip! My Ayam Cemani eggs I set yesterday, and 10 are in.  c


BantyChooks 11 OEGB mutts and 1 EE egg (oops..) 3/5. Temps are perfect as of day 3. I'll be buying myself a congrats/ consolation prize of 5 leghorn pullets and an EE roo at the end of March NOW so I'll have chicks either way... Or both ways!! LOL.


lindalouly quail hatch I will be setting tomorrow at 4.. 11 eggs total in my bator...2/28  I set four eggs. 3/5


Shahtir101 I got me a broody serama! She has 3 eggs under her right now and my friend is going to bring me more serama eggs to put under her tomorrow! That means I won't set for the EHAL, but will still be around the same time.  Set 6 more serama eggs They are due to hatch on the 21st of March! Right before my birthday!


Finnie am running a practice batch of chicken eggs in a styrofoam cooler-bator I made over the weekend. (I didn't want to run a test hatch in the Incuview, and then have it occupied when the turkey eggs are ready.) Plus I was kind of curious to see if I could make a diy that really works, so I just did it. @Finnie what did you set and when due? have update?


lozerface79 aka Matt 13 eggs and counting. We are calibrating the bator and putting the eggs in tonight! 3/3


howfunkyisurchicken aka Nichole  EMU!

Just got done weighing the emu eggs. Here's what's going on (I'm calling the eggs what they're marked, so CE, CH, CI and CQ):
CE-632g, needs to loose 94.8g (11.85g/week). Target end weight 537.2g.
CH-685g, needs to loose 102.75g (12.84g/week). Target end weight 582.25g.
CI-666g, needs to loose 99.9g (12.49g/week). Target end weight 566.1g.
CQ-598g, needs to loose 89.7g (11.21g/week). Target end weight 508.3g.

I'll weight them each Friday to check weight loss and adjust humidity accordingly. I'll start with 35% humidity and a temp of 95.5F near the center of the egg. That should put them hatching somewhere around 4/23, maybe a little before. I hope.  I forgot have have 2 broodies sitting on eggs! One should be due to hatch soon. She's sitting on one Silkie/Sizzle egg and 4 Olive Egger/Silkie mix eggs! The other just got started the other day and has 4 Silkie/Sizzle eggs.


DianaMallory  Day 21 and 11 out of 15 eggs are hatched, 4 lonely eggs remain in the incubator. All 11 are all fluffed up now and in the temp brooder box. this was my first hatch ever, and The one thing I will do different next time is, I will use a separtart box for hatching! I just hope I can get the smell out of the incubator! YUCK! Now I know why the video I watched used one for incubating and one for hatching. 


firedragon1982  Ducklings are here!! This was a pic my husband sent me at work. Had 1 hatch right when I was getting ready for work, a second hatch as I ran out the door. We are now up to 6: 4 girls 2 boys, with another on the way! One was DIS. It had zipped half way then stopped but was moving when I saw it, and of course I had to leave so I had my husband assist it, and it was dead, but came easily out of the shell. No idea what happened and it was a girl  One goose egg had pipped last night. Nothing from the other 2 yet 3/5


flocktastic Set 42 eggs tonight (3/5) at 11:11pm CST!

6 Ameraucauna eggs shipped from sahwithchicks
6 exchequer, 6 marans, 6 Ameraucauna from a last minute local source and 16 random barnyard mixes from our flock (includes barred rock rooster over Easter egger, barred rock, black jersey giant and black sex link)


chickygirl7 10 cream legbar eggs, which will hopefully hatch for Easter.


rlhagan56 Hello, hope I can join in here.  I started incubating my first batch of 21 eggs 4 days ago.  9 of them are shipped eggs and wouldn't ya know it, our electricity has gone off twice now and a blizzard hit after weeks of 60 degree weather.  I kept a quilt over the incubator and it only lost heat down to 84.9 degrees and the humidity climbed to 65 each time.  I just couldn't believe what happened!  I have  the 9 Ameraucana eggs, then my own EE, BLRW, and Silkie eggs.  All pullets so just an experiment.


justkat59 Hatched out 10 out of 16 shipped BCM. This is my second hatch this year. Also have 6 Pekin Ducks in the bator now due to hatch 3/18. Then putting in some leghorns after that. I also have a broody RIR that has set up her best in the Ducks house. Hatching is addicting.


shellikirbey 7 new baby's out of 10 looked like never turned and one did get in air cell but never pipped shell and the other looked liked only half grew..I had to help one cause it was Peck at top and made big hole at top but never finished zipping and was drying on bottom so I took finger in warm water and applied to dry spot until it come loose and it came out in my hand and I put back in incubator for awhile and he layed on side longer than others did but he is up and eating now.


Torch404 I set 6 eggs, brabanters, a couple days ago. Going to candle tonight and see if I have veins. I'm going to be adding six eggs a week a part and try for a staggered hatch. Excited!!!


billiejw89 3/7 21 of our eggs are still looking great! I'm fixing to order some serama bantam eggs from MPC, my son has been wanting some badly! 


gardeningmama Also, thanks to Trish who is just wonderful I have set my eggs!!!! 9 Serama, 3 Lavender Marans, 9 Splash & Partridge Brahma, 15 Silver, Lav & Black Am's, & 6 OE's (CCL x Marans). Can't wait to see these babies hatch  BTW, this thread is lightning fast, OMLord!!


politicalcenter We got 13 chicks total and a couple of duds. We have about 40 in the bator this time.

They are silver lace Wyondots (sp) and Buff Orpington. We also have a couple of Australorp. We just gathered the eggs and put them in


henhoneygirl I just love how perfect this hatch has gone!! Everyone that's pipped so far has hatched and I haven't had to help ANYONE!!! Even the chick that pipped on the wrong end did it all by himself! This is just awesome, I'm so happy right now!! I've learned so much since my very first time hatching and this just feels like the big culmination of everything I've learned. YIPPEE!!!!






"Springing in the Chicks"
  2016 April Hatch-a-Long  

Hosted by Mike & Sally


Set Eggs ANYTIME in April,




“Share a Laugh” Random Posting Thread  OPEN!!!

“Share Helpful BYC TIPS” Random Posting Thread  OPEN!!

Chick Mug Shots

Selfies with Fowl

Fowl drawing Contest

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Ok. Will try that now. Here goes. This sure isn't for the faint of heart.



Soaked him in warm running water. The bottom of the shell came off, with a lot of runny liquid. Because of where the membrane is stuck on the face, I couldn't get it off with water without getting it in the nostrils. Nothing is bleeding anywhere, but this membrane stuff is rock hard on his face. He's quite a wiggler and fighter.

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Originally Posted by ChickenCanoe View Post

Lights don't matter, so off. It's pretty dark under a hen.
Ambient conditions are important. A more humid room is usually better. Stable temperatures are most important so I keep mine in the cellar. However that's not ideal.
Optimally, the warmest room in the house is best if the temperature is stable. It is much cheaper to heat a small room with gas, than it is to heat an incubator in a cold room with electricity.
Ok thanks, I have a portal heater I can put in the room if needed.

Originally Posted by Sally Sunshine View Post

soooooo purdy!!!!  The important thing is temp FLUX!  the less room temp flux the less bator flux! You can candle them, if air cells are normal treat them as normal and start turning at set!

you calibrated thermo hygros I think right?
I would run 30-35 humidity until day 5 or 7 candle and adjust as necessary.  @COChix

What temp are you running, and FAN MODEL? 

Thanks, umm can't remember on the hygrometers...will have to re calibrate them. Not sure of the model.

Temp, I am shooting for 99-100, just added some humidity to the bator trays and running it today making adjustments, etc.

I have the eggs in the turner already, too tired last night and just set them in there. Is that an issue if I haven't candled or anything? Worried that maybe I disrupted the air cell by putting on turner first. Picking up other eggs at 11:30 my plan is to set tomorrow night or Sat. Making sure my bator is were I want it first.

The fan model not sure but it is a Farm Innovators 4200 Pro - circulating fan with turner.

These eggs are 4-5 days old at most.

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@Sally Sunshine my update

Just did an early candle, (day 5) and 11/12 have VEINS!!!!!
Soooooper duper exited, seems like all is well this go round!
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I candled today and all the eggs I tree in to check for fertility have veins!!! That means I will have Sexlinked olive eggers!!!
@Sally Sunshine udate...pulled 2 bloodrings and 1 clear. That leaves 32 birthday eggs on day 7 and 5 Easter eggs on day 5
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When you candle, do you start at day 7 or 10? I'm just curious what many people typically do? (I know some are more hands on and candle more frequently while some are more hands off)

Just wanted to see who typically candles when and why do you choose 7 vs 10 and so on? I was planning on candling day 7 for the first time but one of the local ladies that gave me some hatching eggs said she'd wait until day 10 and then again at day 18 before lockdown. (I was already planning on day 18 candling of course but waiting 10 whole days...(sigh!) day 7 is hard enough lol!!)
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