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Advice on Bantam Cochin/Silkie not feeling well :-( with poop pics

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Hi All!

   I am hoping to get some input on my girl..peep. She is a Bantam Cochin/silkie cross...2 1/2 years old and 3 pounds.


I took her to the vet on Wed afternoon because I was afraid she was eggbound/having laying issues. He egg issues at all. He gave her a shot of antibiotics in case she had some type of infection since he didn't really see any other issues. He also noticed some fluid in her abdomen and drained I...but again nothing noticeably wrong in the fluid other than it was there. I also gave her a dewormer, since I have never wormed her...just in case.


She is sleepy off and on...doing better each day, but definitely not back to her usual self. She is eating and drinking regularly but not a lot. Her crop consistently has food in it.


As of today:

         She is still dropping green and whitish poop...small amounts..but regularly

        She got a convenia injection from the vet on wed.

         Treated her with the dewormer Sat night....ivermectin

        Growing feathers back from her molt...lots of pin feathers




The vet said the shot could make her poop runny for a few days.

We are keeping her inside...nice and warm.


Would appreciate any advise/input or experience. I really don't want to just search around because there are so many different situations out there....hard to know what applies :barnie Wondering how long it will take her to bounce I missing anything?



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Usually fluid in the abdomen or ascites is a result of heart failure, or liver failure that may be a result of internal laying. Chickens can have many different things wrong with them. Ivermectin  is not a very effective dewormer anymore due to resistance in recent years. I would get your vet to check a stool sample for worms, or use Valbazen 1/4 ml orally, and repeat it in 10 days. Try feeding her some egg, and a little cultured yogurt or probiotics, in addition to her normal layer feed. I hope that she starts getting better soon.

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Thank you so much! I gave her some egg for dinner and she was excited about that. Do I have to wait to start her on Valbazen? And is this something I can get at my feed store? That is where I got the one I am using now :-/ she soesn't like yogurt... She's is not a fan of anything messy/wet so what type of probiotic would you suggest? Thinking that may help her tummy get back to normal. Droppings are getting more solid since she is eating more..and a darker green color.


With the x-ray they saw no issues with anything in her "egg laying" tract...she had been laying regularly until she molted...maybe a week and 1/2 with no egg. Could this still be a problem/undetected?

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If she just had the ivermectin, I would wait for 10 days to give the Valbazen You don't want to throw too many things at her at once. Sometimes I will take some buttermilk, mix it with raw egg, and put it in some bread crumbs. The buttermilk contains probiotics and most chickens love the mixture. I would call your vet, and ask about the fluid they got from her abdomen--if it was ascites, and what do they think the cause was. 

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Thanks! I will give the buttermilk a try, She likes bread crumbs so hopefully she will like the mixture :fl  Definitely will call the vet tomorrow and ask more questions. He didn't seem too concerned about the fluid there, just thought it might be due to an infection and gave her the antibiotic shot he said would stay in her system for 7 days to clear up any problems. Her poop is definitely less watery...getting more solid, but still has the darker green color to it. So maybe the shot and/or dewormer is at work?

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