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Building an outdoor aviary?

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I am planning on building an outdoor aviary for my Macaw and Eclectuses and was wondering if anyone has done this? I've seen a few but none of them seem big enough for them to fly very far. I would like to build it to be about 15' by 30' maybe. Even bigger if it's not outrageously expensive...
I'm having a hard time finding a supplier for as much material as I need without having to order way more. I like the zoo mesh but I can't even find prices for it.

If you have built one, I would love pictures and prices would be great. Thanks!
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Originally Posted by mirandaleecon View Post
............. Even bigger if it's not outrageously expensive...


i looked at stainless zoomesh a few yrs back for my U2 and for 1.25" it was right at $25 per m² that adds up real quick.


they do make an aluminum chain link fence that is considerably cheaper but i was worried with the aluminum he'd be able to chew though and regular chain link is toxic and really too large an opening.

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Yea, that does sound a bit pricy. I was at the zoo this weekend and asked them what they use for their aviaries and they said vinyl coated welded wire. It would work for the smaller birds but not for the Macaws, they would chew the vinyl right off. I doubt it would hold up to a U2 either, their beaks are pretty fierce. They actually keep most of their Macaws out in the open because they clip their wings...

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