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Campho-phenique and scale mites

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I adopted some hens rescued from a neglect situation 4 weeks ago.  One had a serious case of scale mites. I have now applied Campho-phenique on her legs 3 times in two weeks. The last treatment was 12 days ago.  One other showed a little sign of it and got her legs treated twice.  The others received 2 treatments of castor oil for good measure.


The coop was scrubbed and disinfected prior to their arrival.


While the most affected hen has shown some signs of remission (her feet are looking normal now), he shanks are still white and have some bumps.  He shanks should be bluish.


The last treatment included a foot bath with scrubbing, prior to applying the Campho-phenique. I know I should have done the bath the first time, but these girls were so scarred and in a very bad shape.


How long will it take for her to fully recover?  Should I do a 4th treatment?  She is now fully feathered, eats and drinks well, scratches around and lays regularly.


I am a little apprehensive as they spook easily and it creates quite a commotion for me to grab them.




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Sorry it took so long to reply.


I so glad you gave these hens another chance. I'm not an expert on health care, but if you've treated their legs they should get better, it may just take time for them to heal.

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