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balloon chicken

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i had a red sexlink who did the weirdest thing.  one day i picked her up and noticed she felt strangely puffy on her thigh.  i was busy so i came back later to get a closer look.  when i felt her i thought she felt like a balloon and was afraid she might literally pop.  i got my mom and she brought a needle syringe.  we figured the puffy patch would have liquid but when we stuck the needle in and pulled all that came out was air and she literally deflated.  i put her with another flock and she is doing fine now.  she's naturally fat.  i'm just wondering if anyone has ever seen that before.  it wasn't life threatening clearly just weird. 

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The name for that condition is a leaking air sac, subcutaneous emphysema, or wind puff. It can be from an injury to an air sac, but sometimes can be from an infection.  Here is some info about it, and good to hear that your chicken got better:

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