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Turkey will a fever

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Please help!

I have a sick turkey. She was fine Friday and then I noticed she wouldn't come out on Saturday morning. I thought she might be nesting because she looked like a chicken when they go broody but when I went to move her, she couldn't walk. She is now almost completely unable to move and she is burning up. I know that poultry has a higher temp than us but she almost hurts to touch. I am giving her water via a dropper but I am not sure what is wrong. I hate to lose her but I can't afford a vet. I am not sure what it could be and I want to see if there is anything that I can give her to relieve the fever. I have her quarantined for now but if anyone has any suggestions I would appreciate it. thanks!

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I would also post on the turkey forum for help. How old is she? Can you check her for being egg bound? Is she having diarrhea where coccidiosis might be a problem? Corid or Sulmet in the water will treat that. Does she have any nasal or eye drainage, or noisy breathing?

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She is about 20 weeks old. She has runny stool but it is white and green not yellow. She has lost the ability to walk on her own. I am trying the Corid and I have her on antibiotics which seems to be working a little but she still won't walk and neither is helping her fever. I was hoping to find a way to relieve her of the fever while the medicine worked. The fact that she is not walking is making me nervous. Is fever a sign of being egg bound? I am treating her in case it is blackhead because all of my birds are free range...literally no fences at all so it's hard to separate her from the chickens.

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I hope that your treatment will help her. Casportpony here on BYC has treated her turkeys for blackhead, and has experience with medications for that, including metronidazole (fish zole, flagyl.) If you lose her, I would get a necropsy done just to find out what was wrong. Mareks disease, which is normally considered a disease of chickens, has been known to infect turkeys in some other countries. Since she has some of the symptoms, it would be important to know about, especially if you own chickens.

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