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Eye problem

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I have 5 Plymouth Barred Rock hens who are 25 weeks old.  The smallest of them has an eye problem.  Several weeks ago, I noticed that she was closing her left eye several times.  I did not worry too much as I assumed it was perhaps pecked at or the result of an accident.  It does not appear to have affected her eyesight.  The right appears normal.  None of the other hens have been affected.  Recently, I took a closer look when she was on a roost and the sun gave me better visibility.  There was a clear film over the eye and very slight bubbling.  The eye almost doesn't seem to be as 'open' somehow.  Her appetite is good, as is her mobility and behaviour.   Occasionally she will just stand there with her eyes closed.  I don't see any other signs of injury or problems.  There isn't a single chicken vet where I live.  I went online and paid for some ver advice.  This was the response:


The foamy appearance in that eye is usually associated with either chicken coryza (Haemophilus paragallinarum) or avian mycoplasmosis and both of those infections can remain in a carrier state in spite of administering the proper systemic antibiotics to our chickens. If Brave Heart has remained otherwise well, I would see how over the counter Terramycin* ointment administered to both of her eyes thrice daily for a minimum of 10 days affects her. Terramycin contains oxytetracycline - an antibiotic of choice for addressing either of the infections I mentioned.

* or you might find it in your nearby pet/feed store


My feed store has never heard of Terramycin so I ordered some online and it should be here soon.  I am not seeing any symptoms of coryza or mycoplasmosis, though, of course, I could be wrong!  I have noted no sneezing or coughing.  What concerns me other than any discomfort she may be experiencing, is why it doesn't go away.  When the medication arrives, how on earth does one apply it? No way I can apply it three times a day as I have no one to help me.  Does this condition sound familiar to anyone and how does one apply it correctly?  Any over the counter medications that anyone knows about?  Thanks


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Sorry it took so long to respond.


It could be a bacterial infection, but since it hasn't spread it could just be an injury. I'm not an expert on chicken health, but I've talked to other people and they say that rinsing the eye with a salt solution and putting special eye drops in it will help injured and infected eyes heal.


I hope this helps. Best of luck!

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I finally got my Terramycin in the mail and yesterday I decided to try and apply it.  I threw a towel over her and swaddled her in it.  It was too easy.  But then she kept closing her eye and God knows how much I got in.  Today she saw the towel and the chase was on.  I have applied two treatments.  Her ear lobes also seem more prominent and redder than the others. It is a mystery but I will keep trying.  Getting on her eye is a major battle.  Thanks so much for your concern.  

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A swollen ear may be a sign of a sinus infection.

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How would you treat that?

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 if  you  feel its an eye injury  i would  put caster oil right into the eye,  it works  great  &  very soothing to the eyes..!!!   this is also good  for people with allergy  eyes  & in hunting   dogs as well, since your looking to sooth the eye  this is the best choice .:thumbsup

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I don't think it is an injury.  She has had it for weeks.  And she has none of the symptoms of a respiratory illness, such as coughing, sneezing or nasal drip.  Just the swollen red ear lobes and eye.  Otherwise she is acting normally.  And the other four seem fine.  I will take your advice and continue the Terramycin when I can (man it's hard when she refuses to open her eye!)  Lisa from Fresh Eggs advises certain herbs which I am giving them plus doubling up on the apple cider vinegar in water.  Thank you!

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