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Hi! I have too many ducks right now and I need to get rid of a few. I would like them to go to a good home where they will not be eaten and the will have good predator protection. They can go together or not, but I will not sell them if they will be the only poultry at the buyers house. Sorry about all the terms, I just want to make sure the go to a good home. Now back to the point. I have two male Pekins one has foot damage but my vet says he will be fine, and he would be great for breeding. They are both three years old and the one that has foot damage won the only show he went to without any trouble (before he had the foot damage). I also have one female Pekin for sale, she is a great layer and loves to sit, she is a one year old. Then I have a pair of Cayugas that are both one year olds, the female is a great layer, and the male got second at a show even though he is only a year old. I also have a year old male white crested good temperament, loves all other ducks. I would like $10ech for the male Pekins, $20 for the female Pekin (Pekins that like to sit are rare), $35 for the Cayuga pair (I would prefer the Cayugas go together), and $15 for the crested. I live in northeast MO, so I can meet someone (within a reasonable distance) halfway. Thanks! P.S. will trade for most any type of ornamental bird (quail, pigeons, ornamental ducks and geese, pheasants). Also if my prices seem unreasonable I am open to suggestions.

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For Sale: $50 (USD)
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Well, are you near Leesville, LA?
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Sorry, I am in north eastern MO.

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