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New weak baby chick! HELP

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So my new baby hatched today at 5 in the morning. When it hatches it was happy, healthy , chirping and moving around. When I came back from school today I saw that the baby chick was laying upside down, it's head over to the side, eyes closed and heavily breathing. I looked at the temperature and it read 105.6! I immediately took the chick out, it was weak and limp in my hands, it's head hung and starting chirping. It's eyes were open then and started kinda moving its legs. Thinking it got too hot I put it in a basket with blankets on it to help cool it off, now 3-4 hours later I go to check on it only see it sleeping, when I picked it up its head was bobbing like crazy and when it tries to walk it falls down and goes to sleep. It's keeping its eyes closed so I know it's weak! I've never seen something like his out of all the babies I hatched! What do I need to do and will my baby live?
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So sorry you didn't get an answer sooner.


Your chick needs rehydration with electrolytes as fast as possible. It could possibly have brain damage from the heat, as chicks are not as heat resistant as adult chickens.


How is it doing now?

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Actually, after keeping it in the incubator on a lower temperature the baby is acting fine and is running around with the baby chicks!
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Yay! :thumbsup

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