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Wyandottes&Easter eggers

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Hello all I been following byc ever seance I got my birds I now decided it was time too join! This thread is well like the title says I hove bothwyandottes and Easter 2 Easters and 4 Wyandottes in the spring I want too expand my flock with 6 more chickens now being new too chickens and these girls being my first set of course I think they are great but I was wounding your guys and girls thought on what breed might I get I live in upstate ny so winters can get very harsh hear and cold and one of the main reasons I got chickens was for tick control I have a big pease of land or yard if you will but we are loaded with ticks so if any advice on a breed or maybe I have cotton a good breed for me all ready let me know please:D
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Hi and a warm welcome to BYC! I'll let other more experienced members advise on good cold weather chickens. I live in Kenya so thankfully winters don't exist:weee

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Both wyandottes and EEs make great cold weather birds! Sussex, jersey giants, and Plymouth rocks all also make good cold weather birds. There are so many more also! Just comes down to how many eggs you want, and what look you prefer. Just avoid huge combs and wattles and small bodied birds and you'll do great!
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Ok that sounds like good advice I was just learning about them going broody now I'm kinda worried mine are going too do that on me hassle free would be nice having too separate a girl would not be fun with my setup
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I know the "production" birds like leghorns and some RIR, ect. are not supposed to go broody hardly at all. I like the way Meyer hatchery has their web page set up. You can look at each breed and read each individual "rap sheet" how many eggs, what color, broody tendancies, hardiness ect.
I haven't had to deal with broodies yet either. I'm not sure what I'll do when it happens(as it's bound to eventually 🙄) I've got an EE , a RIR, a barred rock and a white rock, and a Dixie rainbow. I don't really have an ideal setup to separate either... Oh well, cross that bridge when we get there smile.png
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Broodies are a pain in the a** if you do not want a grouchy girl parked in the laying box.


When you want chicks, they are so much fun and they do all the work. 


I do not separate them. Mama will make sure everyone respects her position and the chicks.

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I'm in central NJ. My Black Sex Link does very good in the cold, she is the first one out scratching away in the snow. Ruby is very friendly and a great layer of big brown eggs. Check out BSLs, they may work for you.
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I will look into them for sure thinks for the tip
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