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So happy for your successful hatch!  My three chicks are doing good!  And I've got more in the incubator - I'm at one week and 6 days.  Sure wish I had a top of the line incubator about now!  I have a long weekend off of work for Thanksgiving-hoping for lots of baby chicks!  I've got a few friends looking for new chickens to add to their flock!  I just realized how old my two brahma hens are!  They are @ five years old.  Just put two of their eggs in the incubator, fingers crossed.  Hope they are fertile.

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thumbsup.gif. So glad you got some chicks out of the hatch!
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14 eggs and 14 hatched...(just 13 in these 2 pics gold chick hatched later.) and I have 3 due tomorrow. oldest 4 chicks mom got in outdoor heated pen.

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