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Quail stop breeding.

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Hi guys i have a cuestion. Do coturnix quail stop breeding in winter? I live in north tx and my male quail are not intereted in the ladies any more and they olso stop singing in the morning. They all look pretty healty , so i wonder if this is normal. Thanks
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I live in southern Australia and I know my coturnix quail stop laying in winter and the male loses interest in his females.  In fact, it took him over a month after they started laying to become interested in them again.​

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It should pick back up in spring.
My poor girls are taking a hammering since spring started here.
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Put a light on so that you make a daylight period totaling 14-16, theyll think its spring and start back up in a couple weeks. Artificial lighting/forced production will cut down the lifespan of the bird a bit though.
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Thanks everyone.
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I was able to stimulate my males to breed by swapping males from different cages. I already use artificial light to stimulate my hens into laying eggs and it is working great but I have not seen my males breeding ever since it got cold. All I did was swap one male from a cage with another male from another cage. The males in their new pens with new females immediately started breeding with all the females. Not sure if anyone else has noticed this may be useful for people wanting fertile eggs.

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Did yu have any different trouble with the pecking order?  It seems by just switching the males, that they would by pecked on to get a new pecking order.

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my texas a and m,s quit a couple weeks ago.Im tired of hatching quail,its been a full time job.hatched out 7 today

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I didn't notice the females fighting but the males were definitely asserting their dominance over the females. It appears that the pecking order has not changed.

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I tried that with mine and the male was not accepted, so I removed him.  That is when I put him with yet another set of females in a complete different cage to all of them.  They then accepted him, although one female still picked on the male and a couple of the females.  Although it seems that the male is not responded to the females and keeps himself isolated as much as possible in the cage.

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