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Hen after dog attack

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Hen is aprox 2 she's a Rhode Island Red mix. Found dog in hen house. Hen was in corner with one leg stuck out to her side. I took her inside. Put her in a sling. I couldn't find a break anywhere. I left her in sling for 3-4 days. I took her out and she's really no better. She sits to the side with the leg stuck out. She's eating good. Her leg color looks good. Toes are curled but I can straighten them out. I can move leg no problem. Today I'm going to straighten her ties and put some cardboard under them and wrap it to see if this helps her standing or walking any. Does anyone else know or have ideas on what else I could do? There was no open wound anywhere. I'm leaning towards a tendon or muscle issue. I don't know if she will get any better and so I don't know how her quality of life after this will be.
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Do the best you can.     If she is eating OK then she may recover on her own.    HERE IS MY VIEW ON QUALITY OF LIFE.    Approximately  4 months ago  a neighbors dog attacked one of my hens.   ( his dog got loose as his children were watching him.)   I had doubts she would make it.    DID NOT LOOK GOOD....   But she pulled thru..    Only bad  thing resulting , is she is now blind.    Still has her eyes, but suffered brain or spinal cord damage.    I feed her  and she eats as long as I put food right in front.    I think she can smell.  She will be this way until she naturally expires.  I am not Dr.  Kevorkian.   I let nature take its course.     If you raise chickens and eat them, then it may be the choice to make this one next.    I don't eat my chickens,  but do go to the grocery store  for them.  I also stop at KFC. 


WISHING YOU BEST. :thumbsup 

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I KNOW you can do it keep up the good work ,  a blind hen is not to hard to keep,  i just had one, but I fixed  her  up with  tons of  eye  vitamins  and some cod liver oil in bread every night  &  she  can see much better  now, so you can  try that ,but my girl just  likes  hanging around  her nest box  &  loves all her  special treats  because she is our special hen , so  it wont be  hard, just a small space  will work ok  for your  hen  &  she will be  ok  for her life time, we dont kill or eat our  birds ever  , and im sure  this  will  all work out  for your hen also,  so no worries  im sending  you all best wishes  for your hens full recovery,    I  know  you  can do it...!!!:highfive: take care & good luck:thumbsup    

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