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New chicks scooting on bottom.

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My chicks just hatched yesterday and two of them can't stand up. I suspect it's slipped tendons and have their legs splinted and they're in little chick slings bu it doesn't look good for them does it? I can't find much information that confirms their recovery. What causes this problem?
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Splayed or spraddle leg is also common when their legs are too far apart. Bringing them closer together with tape or vet wrap for a few days may help. I would also recommend poultry vitamins, since deficiencies at hatch are common. Make sure they on on a non-slip surface which makes it easier to get their footing, not on newspaper.  If you can post pictures, it may help. Here is a good link to read:

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The legs don't look spraddled. They were just sitting back with their legs out front. I quickly put them in their seats so didn't take photos unfortunately. They are on paper towels over pine shavings. Thanks for your reply.
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I managed to take a picture. I changed their tape and they seemed a little better so I'm hopeful after a few days in their chick chair they'll be okay.



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My two chicks are doing so much better today. Maybe it was splayed legs but I thought it would take longer to fix than nearly two days in splints and a chick chair.

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That is really great news, and thanks for the update.

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