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Premature duck.

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Here's the story, we had a clutch of 5 duck eggs and a hen brooding on them. 4 ducklings hatched and the other egg is quite small. It was very active within the shell when I checked it and then put it back under the hen. The next day it had still not hatched but the shell was cracked and a beak was half popping out. As these are not our first ducklings we have had hatch we knew to help the duckling so he could breathe as the membrane was very thick. He is still attached to the egg via the (ambillicle cord ?) he doesnt open his eyes and we have been keeping them moist in case they are stuck together. He moves his legs but cannot stand and he lifts his head occasionally. He is taking small amounts of water and mash and loves it. Peeps occasionally aswell.
As we do not own an incubator he is in a tub with a heat lamp and we have created a humid environment as good as we can.

HELP! What is going on?????
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Sounds like you're doing the right thing. If something goes bad the vet would be the best idea, how premature is he?
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We thought close to 28 days. He is fully formed but seems to look like he has a hernia where the cord attaches to his belly.

Thanks, it's hard to know whether we are doing the right thing

He's made it 30 hours outside of the shell so it's a bit of hope for us.
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He looks good! If he has a hernia then I can't help you with that. Try making him feel like he's under a wing or in an egg. They should always be at 90 degrees, so make sure the heating lamp is on, he's covered, maybe a heating pad, you can make a little heating pad with some rice and a sock if you don't have one (just look it up) make sure you don't over feed him. Does he poo at all? (Sorry that's a weird question)
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Thank you for your suggestions and I'll try that rice pack right away! He's only nibbling at the food. But no he hasn't done a poo yet.
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Ok smile.png
Hopefully everything will be okay. Let me know if he poos, that would show he's getting his nutrition.
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Thank you for your help!! He is now walking and chirping and he has the best little personality.
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So, , LBD (little black duckling) has started pooping A LOT! !!!! smile.png He is still a bit shaky on his feet but has plenty of appetite, energy and makes us laugh often. Thank you Silkylover1213 for your suggestions and advice , It made a huge difference to us to hear that we were doing all the right things .
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Yay! So adorable! You're welcome, very happy to help!
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