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Rooster with broken lower jaw/beak.

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My cochin roo has gotten into a fight with my other rooster, and has broken his lower beak.  His jaw is straight, but his beak won't close in the front.  Does anybody know if this can be fixed?  I've contacted my vet, but I haven't got an answer yet.  I was hoping to fix it at home if possible.  Also, the blood seems to be dried, but could he be actively bleeding down his throat, and me not see it?  I know the base of the beak has blood vessels and nerves, so I'm worried about him bleeding too much, and I know he's in pain.  :(  Any advice is greatly appreciated.  Thank you.

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If the beak had a small break you could try to fix it yourself but that looks far more severe.


IMO a vet needs to look at it and determine whether the jaw is broken, trying to glue the beak at home would be awful if the jaw is in fact damaged.

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Yea, it is pretty bad.  I wish my vet would return my message.  :(

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My vet said there is nothing he can do.  So if anyone has ever dealt with this at home, I could sure use some advice.

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People probably are not responding because they don't know what to advise.


A small crack in the beak can be fixed with a bit of carefully applied crazy glue and tissue, but this is far more severe.  If his jaw is broken then any sort of manipulation is going to hurt like heck and if the beak is nearly severed crazy glue isn't going to do the trick.


Can he move it at all?  Honestly if his jaw is broken this doesn't look good IMO.

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I know very little about beak injuries, but lower beak injuries are probably more serious.  I would use a deep bowl for feed, and add water to the feed to make it soupy so that he can try and eat. Here are some threads about similar injuries:

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He does move it.  We looked at it closely after my husband got home from work.  I was too scared to mess with it and injure it more if he squirmed while I was trying to look at it.  The jaw moves fine, and he attempts to eat.  It's the lower beak that is cracked a little bit on both sides at about the halfway point, causing it to be flappy on the bottom.  :(  

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Personally if I could afford to I would take him to an avian vet to have the beak repaired.  If it is cracked and it breaks off things will get MUCH worse than they are right now.


If it is "flapping" now it will probably break off and likely take flesh with it which would be a real disaster.

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Thank you for your suggestions.  I agree, and I just got home from the avian vet.  I drove over an hour to get there, but they only suggested euthanasia or amputation of the broken part of the beak, which would cost me over $500.  :(  I  couldn't afford that.  I  wanted to do a few more days or research, and see how he does, so I took him home on pain meds.  When we got home, he actually ate his softened pellet food.  He is able to get some food down on his own.  The vet said it could fall off on its own, which would not be a bad thing unless he is unable to eat without it.  That's the same risk I would be taking if they amputated it.  


Honestly, I thought about buying some fake nail acrylic from the beauty supply store and applying it to the bottom beak.  You can form it to whatever shape you want, and it hardens fast.  It may hold it in place long enough for it to fuse back together.  Obviously, maybe not, too.  But since he seems to be eating already, I feel like I owe him to try what I can before I put him down.

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They didn't say they could repair it? For that kind of money I would have expected a darn good repair job.


See this:


BTW I don't think it will fuse back together but it will very slowly grow out.  See this thread for an inspirational story....this poor bird had her beak bitten off by a dog:

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