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Is this vent prolapse?

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My Black Star, 2 years old, is having a terrible molt and has lost most of her "bottom" feathers, exposing her vent. I noticed this morning that her vent is very red and looks swollen. Is this a prolapsed vent? If so, is it possible to treat at home with warm water bath and Preparation H? My vet doesn't treat chickens and the "exotic" vet doesn't take patients on weekends so I'm trying to determine if I should be concerned, worried, or panicked. Any advice greatly appreciated.  Thanks. By the way, the other two chickens have had a mild molt. Could the vent problem be associated with her losing many of her feathers, or vice versa? Thanks again.

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Can you post a picture of her vent area? Look her skin over closely for lice or mites--tiny bugs or their eggs, especially around the vent. Is there red tissue poking out from inside the vent, or is the area just swollen and reddish? Here are some links with pictures of prolapse:

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Here is a photo. I've also started s new thread. Thanks for any help.
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It doesn't look prolapsed to me, but it looks like she possibly is being pecked. Some hens also can develop a red puffy pouch under the vent that some say is common during a molt. But there are also many threads on BYC about "large red bulge below the vent" if you do a search at the top of this page. I would be tempted to either apply some Nustock cream to her bottom, or spray it with BluKote to discourage pecking. 

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Poor baby that looks painful how is she doing?
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