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Easter Egger Limping

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I have a 6 month old EE that just started limping. Last night, about 10 pm, I heard the Rooster start crowing, which never happens at that time. I went outside with my gun and flashlight, but the coop was closed tighter than a drum It has a steel roof with a door that automatically closes and a solid floor.


I was wondering if something was outside the coop and startled Pebbles, which might have caused her to fall from her roosting spot. The floor has about 6 inches of pine shavings.


Anyways, she limps, but seems to eat well, she does rest a lot though. Even while resting, she is pulling at the grass and clover. Does anyone do anything for a chicken like this or just wait and see if she gets better? I hate to lose her, she lays the nicest green eggs.

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Maybe she got pushed off the roost and her her leg a bit.. just keep a eye on her
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Yeah, looks like she is doing OK so far, at least she has a good appetite and seemed to move around better this afternoon. She gives the largest green eggs, Thank you for the reply.

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