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They all hate me!

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I have 3 black australorp hens and a dominique rooster. The rooster was born mid April and the hens probably around the end of may. I cannot touch them. They run as soon as they see me. And the rooster... he stalks me. Won't let me anywhere near the girls, and he threatens me.. I would like to be able to keep him, but I do not like his attitude! Anyone have suggestions on how to tame them? They free range in my backyard.
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Just get a new rooster.. mean roosters ate bad...most hens will run from you.. you can try giving treats that helps them to be comfortable around you
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I don't want a new one. He's beautiful. He used to like me. He used to let me pet him. I figured he got mean because the girls started to really mature..
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Well do you have kids around?
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No its because he hit his hormones. I had a the same thing happen he went to the freezer for attacking me and my daughter(2years old). If he already feeling his oats and think he the boss he keep it up. I learned the hard way i am use to big animals(horse, cattle, dogs ect) but birds are different if they dont fear you they dont respect you as far as roosters are concerned.
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You could keep them confined to the coop and run. . It's up to you..
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Or a movable chicken tractor
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