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A number of years ago....

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I got my first flock of chickens from a guy about 8 miles away.

He had everything. Chickens, guineas, turkeys, you name it.

I bought like 24 hens and a rooster from him. They were grown and laying, and I paid him $5 bucks a piece.


He gathered them up with a net, and we stuffed them into boxes, and drove them home to their new coop.


One died a week later and he replaced it, no charge.


It took them about two weeks to acclimate to their new surroundings and start laying again. Before I knew it, I had eggs coming out of my ears.

Fortunately, I worked in a restaurant and was able to sell the extras to the locals who absolutely begged for them.


One day at the grocery store, I ran into "Pops" the little old man who sold me the birds.

He asked how they were getting along, and if any more had died. I told them they were doing great, and all were still alive.


He then asked, you're not eating them though, right?


I told him no way. Well, not really. I mean a leg here, and a wing there...


You should have seen his face!:gig

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